Tokyo Marui AEG Mechbox Ver. 2 Disassembly Instructions Page 2
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(17) Next is the tappet plate. Take the spring out first, here a precision driver or pincer will definitly help. Careful not to stretch the spring too much.

(18) After the cylinder and spring assembly is removed, there's nothing left that'll suddenly jump out, so from here on you can take it easy.

(19) Now you can separate the cylinder from the tappet plate. Don't worry, nothing'll fly out this time.

(20) The tappet plate holds the nozzle in a slot. There are a lot of custom parts for these two, choose the one that fits your need the best.

(21) The cylinder head can now be separated from the cylinder. There's also grease sticking to these parts, so think about where to put them. Tons of custom parts are available for these, again, choose the ones that suits you the best. Apply a think layer of low viscosity grease when you re-install these parts.

(22) Cylinder related parts will affect power, range and accuracy the most. There are as many custom parts here as there are custom gears. As I emphasized before, use the set that suits your need the best.

(23) After taking out all the air piston related parts, gears are the next. Start by taking out the top most bevel gear. Since it merely sits on the other gears, this is a no brainer.

(24) The small part shown on the picture is the anti-reversal latch. If this part is absent, all parts in the mech box may be damaged due to reverse movement. Absolutely do not forget it when putting everything back together.

(25) There's a spring on the anti-reversal latch. It's better to remember how it's attached to the latch, or, if you understood how every thing works in conjunction, you can automatically figure out how it goes on.

(26) Now is the time to take the sector gear out. This gear is where the energy created by the motor is finally delivered to the piston. If you want to replace it with custom parts, make sure you also replace the piston with the one that fits this gear. (ie, helical vs. all helical/normal)

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