Tokyo Marui AEG Mechbox Ver. 2 Disassembly Instructions Page 4
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(39) You'll need a philips head screw driver in order to remove the stopper arm. Since the screw is quite small, use a precision screw driver.

(40) This is the correct setting position of the stopper arm.

(41) It's better to understand how the stopper arm spring works. When the spring is installed, the stopper arm should be pushed in the counter clockwise direction. If you think about how each part works when taking them a part, it's easy to understand their essential function.

(42) Take out this latch, seen from the outside of the mech box. This unit is necessary for semi-auto action. If it's damaged or forgotten while re-assembling, you won't be able to shoot in semi-auto mode. So check it regularly.

(43) Use a philips head screw driver to remove the semi-auto cut off lever. Everything needs to be able to move freely when putting them together back into the mech box, this lever is no exception. You should make sure the lever can move freely when putting it back in. Don't forget to apply some grease here as well.

(44) You can now remove the cut-off lever. It's fairly small, but essential for proper operation, so make sure you don't forget to re-install it.

(45) The selector plate spring is very small, use a pincer to remove it. When taking every thing apart, pay special attention to small parts, since all parts are necessary in order for the mech box to work properly.

(46) Now simply slide the selector plate out. This is a key part in firing mode selection.

(47) The picture shows the removed selector plate. Disassembly is pretty much over upto this point, except perhaps one final step.

(48) The bushings can be removed by simply knocking them off as shown in the picture. This is usually the first thing that should be replaced when customizing an AEG. Usually, ball bearing replacements work best.


(49) The completely disassembled mech box.


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Written by Francis Zhou, June 1999.