Breaking news from Q Project written by Jack Ma, CEO - The Q Project - Friday, May 24, 2002

Click here to visit Q-Project Q Project have been busy recently and have been kind enough to drop the info our way about what they have in the works. So what have they sent over? Well they have sent news about the upcoming Official Press Release of their new product(s) at The Q Project, USA (TQP).

One plus two? The latest from them is news of their 1+2 Exclusive Products which will debut at the event Operation Iron Angel in June. See: for all the details by Drop Zone Productions (of which they are one of the lead sponsors with their international partner Redwolf Airsoft of Hong Kong ).

The Airsoft market outside Japan has been screaming for a few specific releases for the past few years, well it looks like someone has been listening... (click on any image for a larger version)

"...What pray-tell does 'one-plus-two' imply?" you may ask. To be succinct, our company has been in network affiliation to exclusively produce and sell three highly popular airsoft desirables which have yet to infiltrate the US market on an established level of customer confidence and satisfaction. At TQP, our vision has always been development of the choicest airsoft models in both aesthetics and more importantly functionality (to be relative in airsoft with respect to its counterparts in the real steel world).

FYI: It may seem a puzzle to many forum hosting sites why TQP has never advertised on the local airsoft scene. The reason is that I have decidely chosen to first firmly establish our company's partnerships, branding, technical staff, and R&D affiliates. This next qtr, we intend to go public with the company, sort of a Pre-IPO to IPO.

Airsoft enthusiasts worldwide may put all their assumptions at ease with regard to what these guns will be and who and what parties are at the heart of the actual genesis of these projects, disregarding what they may have seen or read elsewhere.

Namely, with priority in production/ beta-testing/ and initial fully functional release models, they are:

  • The M134 Vulcan Minigun (Accessories available) - All metal housing based on dimensions of the real steel GE Minigun. Rotating and functional barrels powered by a single battery supply and .25g BB fed by a patented design TBA in our Press Release at Q on May 31st, Firing mechanism is from an external pressurized gas system. Network affiliate: Piper Precision Products (owned by Paul Piper) & TQP (owned by Jack Ma). An initial article with the full story and data review on an upcoming All Airsoft Ezine (produced in the USA) in June which will provide the hard facts on how the project was catalyzed and a basic run-down on our patented mechanism. > Actual market release date begins June 7th at OP:IA!
  • The G36C RIS (ltd) - A highly detailed and durably US constructed hard resin kit which houses the TM MP5K along with a longer inner barrel and more battery space for the optional upgrade boosted internally by TQP's own Ultra Gearbox Matrix. SEE: for an idea of the meticulous detail in QC efforts. Likely to be up for wholesale to any interested retailer. Network affiliate: Private Designer and Sourcing wholesaler & TQP > Actual market release date begins June / July 2002.
  • The PDW (MP7) (ltd) - Essentially a full-auto only gas system based on KSC M11A1's HFC122 gas powered machine pistol, but with the unique looks of H&K's PDW exclusive. Externally boasts a superb US casted hard resin body kit which is custom fitted and aligned to expose operational blowback bolt system. Network afflilate: Private Designer & TQP > Actual market release date begins July / Aug 2002..."

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