SYSTEMA TUB2000T by Miki Nakamura of TokyoHobby Thursday, January 31, 2002
TUBB2000T [TACTICAL RIFLE] (Tubb Universal Bi-Camming Bolt Action)

Sniper mania growing stronger As we have now reported, the TOP and Smokey's are facing tough fight to produce the M82A1 Barret with both setting their release dates for this year and heavily investing to their manufacturing projects.

Systema is coming on with their own high-profile project, code named SIGNATURE. When we recently visited Systema, they demonstrated to us the developments in this project to manufacture TUBB2000T as a high-performance airsoft sniper rifle.

They have actually imported the real gun as de-activated version (not exactly very easy in Japan) to produce it in maximum detail. The Airsoft version will feature all the main features of the real gun and naturally uses the bolt-action BB projection method.

The release date is not set yet. What Systema do say is that it will come out around April or May 2002. The retail price in Japan is going to be less than 100,000 JPY.

You may now send us your contact information at for pre-reservation and e-mailing list. Systema does not produce their complete guns in great quantities and usually only for domestic sales, so please hurry if you are looking for TUBB2000T as a airsoft version.

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Additional sources of the real gun: Comprehensive source of TUBB2000T.

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