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I had a disappointing experience with Dentrinity recently.

What happened was I bought a new battery for my Tokyo Marui Glock 18C AEP, it was $180 HKD and the reason why I got it was because the sales person told me the new charger will only charge the new-er type of batteries; which I also bought along with the battery.

Turns out, he was dead wrong. My new charger could easily charge up the older version 7.2V batteries. So without opening the new battery, I went back to the shop and asked if I could swap the unopened (I must stress UNOPENED, COMPLETELY NEW WITH ORIGINAL PACKAGING + RECEIPT) battery with a 18C rail attachment (costs exactly the same, $180) and add an additional $200 to get the suppressor.

As "expected", Dentrinity has an extremely strict no refund/exchange policy. Even if you offer to get additional products on top of your exchange, you will get a very blunt 'no'. I personally think that is a real shame because it will deter some people (or maybe just me?) from their shop; the staff had a really negative attitude when I kindly asked if I could swap and went on to lecture me about thinking before buying and they DID NOT CARE if I were to buy all of their products on top of the exchange. (I am not exaggerating, they said that.)

So, I was rather hurt this time round. And believe me, Dentrinity was a great shop, went there multiple times before to upgrade/downgrade my gear. Pricing was always on the high side but quality is guaranteed. But I guess the "best" still have their imperfections.

It is clearly a general "rule" that goods that go out the door cannot be refunded/exchanged and I 100% accept it was my mistake. However, should a shop be so rigid towards its' customers? Are company policies so dead-set that leeway is totally impossible? Dentrinity could have made me a very happy customer but unfortunately: they did not.

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