CYMA Desert Eagle
posted by Elvis[madPokemons]

Desrt eagle by CYMA bought in Russia for $12
18754 5.67 21/10/05 2:53am 3 reviews
UTG Warhawk AK-47 hi-cap mags (340rd)
posted by otherrandomhero

This is an inexpensive 340rd hicap magazine that comes with the warhawk and is usually sold in 2-packs. It is not very high quality.
7331 1.00 8/10/06 10:46pm 1 reviews
Supercell Development ASC7 Claymore
posted by daddio

Functional airsoft claymore mine. Shoots bbs & talcom powder either via trip wire or wireless remote control.
35438 9.00 28/6/06 3:32am 1 reviews
Tokyo Marui Sig Pro SP2340 EBB
posted by mr_mich

Tokyo Marui's electric blowback SIG Pro Sp2340 pistol. Runs on AAA batteries and fires .12g's. Retails for around $35.
25011 9.00 3/4/06 9:34pm 1 reviews
Cybergun (i think) MP5 mini
posted by The n00b wh0 pwns

wonderfull little gun
5350 7.50 5/2/06 12:39am 2 reviews
Tokyo Marui Glock 18C MAEG
posted by Mcdon2401

Mini Auto Electric Gun with single shot and full auto capacity.
24414 8.75 10/9/05 3:33pm 4 reviews
MAG 2500 Rounds M249 Cartridge Pouch
posted by Hillslam

The new compact cloth M249 electric winding magazine.
33935 8.00 15/2/06 8:09pm 2 reviews
VsTank Leopard 2 A5 Winter Camo
posted by Glenn

This is a high quality copy of the Tokyo Marui Leopard A5 1/24th scale airsoft tank. It boasts all the great details of the Marui tank, plus extra light, sound, and action det ...
24790 9.00 6/1/06 8:28pm 1 reviews
Marushin M1 Carbine (8mm)
posted by Bruno

Beaultiful M1 Carbine replica, one of the most popular rifle in world, this is a gas powered rifle, made with beautiful real wood stock and almost full metal parts. This gun i ...
15673 8.00 15/11/05 6:04am 1 reviews
Tokyo Marui Glock 18C EBB
posted by Bob the Angry Potato

Not a very powerful weapon, but a hell of a lot of fun around the house.
26708 8.00 6/9/05 11:01am 1 reviews
Tokyo Marui 'Dezart Eagle' Electric blow back
posted by Desolation mkII

A low powered electric Desert Eagle airsoft gun. Runs on AAA batterys and should not be confused with the superior Mini AEGs.
31937 3.67 30/8/05 6:40pm 3 reviews
posted by Desolation mkII

A small AEG which is aimed at younger airsofters. It is 3/4 of the size of a regular AEG and is much less powerfull. Reoportedly a direct copy of the TM boys AEG.
10569 7.00 29/8/05 3:09pm 1 reviews

Nicker M18A1 Claymor

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Airsoft Innovations
Sine Wave

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VsTank 2008 T-72M1 G

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VsTank 2007 M1A2 Abr

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MAG MP5 90rnd Midcap

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Tokyo Marui Glock 18
Bob the Angry Potato

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Desolation mkII

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VsTank Leopard 2 A5

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CYMA CM.030 Glock 18

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VsTank 2008 T-72M1 G

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Tokyo Marui Glock 18

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CYMA Desert Eagle

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G&P AK-74 (Plum

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Marushin M1 Carbine

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MAG MP5 90rnd Midcap

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Marushin M500 U.S. V

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