Tokyo Marui (TM) Scope Claw Mount for MP5 Series
posted by R22Master

Quick detatchable claw-mount for the MP5 series of rifles. Allows any RIS compatible scope to be attached to the mount, so that the whole assembly can be quickly and easily a ...
16668 8.00 31/8/05 3:46pm 3 reviews
Mil-Force Holster for Plainclothesmen
posted by R22Master

Belt Holster to fit a variety of small to medium sized pistols, made by Mil-Force. This holster can be used in a right or left handed fashion and can fit most small and civil ...
13092 9.00 31/8/05 3:40pm 1 reviews
KSC Magazine Valve Tool
posted by R22Master

Special tool made by KSC to remove and insert gas magazine valves. This tool fits both the filling valves and firing valves of many different types of GBB and NBB gun.
16015 8.00 31/8/05 3:33pm 1 reviews
King Arms Face Protector (Half)
posted by R22Master

Wrap-around lower face protection for skirmishing. Available in black or olive drab. Also available in full-face format.
14993 4.25 31/8/05 3:30pm 4 reviews
Guarder Steel Gearset for AEGs
posted by R22Master

Guarder Steel Gear Set to fit most Automatic Electric Guns. Tougher than standard gears included inside AEG Mechboxes.
16716 9.00 31/8/05 3:27pm 2 reviews
Guarder Metal Magazine Latch for KSC/KWA Glock Series
posted by R22Master

Stronger Metal Alloy Magazine Latch for KSC and KWA Glock series pistols. Made by Guarder.
25721 8.50 31/8/05 3:22pm 4 reviews
Guarder Enhanced Recoil Spring for Glock 19/23 Size Pistols
posted by R22Master

Enhanced Recoil Spring and Guide-Rod for KSC/KWA Glock 19 and 23f Pistols. Stronger Spring than the standard one gives far more crisp slide-return.
20724 9.00 31/8/05 3:15pm 3 reviews
Guarder Enhanced Loading Nozzle for Maruzen MP5kA4
posted by R22Master

Enhanced loading nozzle / blowback chamber by Guarder, designed to fit the Maruzen MP5kA4 Gas-Blowback SMG.
18958 10.00 31/8/05 3:08pm 1 reviews
Firefly Rocket Valve for KSC/KWA Glock Series
posted by R22Master

Metal rocket valve replacement for the KSC and KWA Glock series of pistols.
32393 9.00 31/8/05 2:55pm 1 reviews
Bisley Silicone Oil Spray
posted by R22Master

Pressurized Silicone Oil in a 150ml spray can from Bisley. Safe for lubricant use on Rubber and Plastics.
11574 10.00 31/8/05 2:41pm 1 reviews
Bisley Silicone Gun Oil Dropper
posted by R22Master

Unpressurized Silicone Oil in a handy dropper from Bisley. Safe for lubricant use on Rubber and Plastics.
14035 10.00 31/8/05 2:39pm 1 reviews
Abbey Silicone Grease
posted by R22Master

Silicone Grease in a small tub from Abbey Supply. Far more viscous than Oil, and safe for lubricant use on Rubber and Plastics.
13659 10.00 31/8/05 2:37pm 2 reviews
Abbey Silicone Oil Dropper
posted by R22Master

Unpressurized Silicone Oil in a handy dropper from Abbey Supply. Safe for lubricant use on Rubber and Plastics.
13944 10.00 31/8/05 2:35pm 2 reviews
posted by R22Master

A full-metal MP5 replica from ICS. Package includes Hi-Cap magazine (200rnd) as standard, and is available in many other variants (slither-stock, folding-stock, no stock, etc ...
30692 8.33 29/8/05 1:42pm 3 reviews
WGC Shop
posted by R22Master

Wargame Club are a Hong Kong based retailer and wholesaler of Airsoft goodies. They ship all over the world and have for some time been one of the most popular and reliable i ...
48529 9.45 22/8/05 8:26am 12 reviews

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