Dboys Dragon Scale rail covers
posted by clone_ranger

Rail covers are generally an afterthought when tricking out your favourite AEG and most people don't give them a lot of thought. However, if like me you have a unusually sized ...
9861 None 10/2/11 6:19am No reviews
AGM Scar L
posted by Wild_XIII

Having tired of the ye olde rifle grip that annoyed me to hell on my M14 (that and carrying 9 magazines for it was a pain) I decided to go back to a weapon that uses M16 magaz ...
19831 None 15/4/09 9:37am No reviews
Jing Gong G36c (G608)
posted by Tom-843

Jing Gong G36c (G608) Assault Rifle Manufacturer: The manufacturer of this gun is Jing Gong. They are a Chinese ‘clone’ company and base their models on Tokyo Marui guns. ...
29313 9.00 9/4/09 4:47pm 2 reviews
posted by billytehbob

G36 manufactured by SRC and Distributed by TSD Tactical. Features a Metal Charging Handle, Metal Hop-Up Unit, 3x Scope, and Metal Rail above the Scope.
20184 7.33 9/8/08 3:42am 3 reviews
Insight Technologies M2 Universal Tactical Light (UTL)
posted by PenGun

The real-steel UTL for the USP series of pistols! Inspired me to buy the Tanio Koba USP Tactical... Pics to follow shortly!
9458 10.00 3/6/08 1:04pm 1 reviews
JG (jing gong) works Bar 10
posted by Vassily

Right first impressions; it came in the usual colourless cardboard box, the box was wrapped in a mile and a bit of blue bubble wrap, but i eventually salvaged it. the gun co ...
15998 8.00 16/5/08 3:07pm 1 reviews
U.S.A.S.O.C. - The Magazine 8th Issue
posted by FAITHFUL

Review: EOTECH 551 Replica Review: TSD KSK with Tactical Rail System Review: JG M4 R.I.S. Review: Specter's Buttstock Magazine Pouch Tactics: 4-Man Team CQB Tactics Inter ...
9718 None 2/5/08 11:12am No reviews
Tasco 1x30mm Red Dot Sight
posted by otherrandomhero

This is an inexpensive metal RDS made by Tasco. It's pretty widely available, being found at most sporting goods stores. It has 11 brightness settings, full adjustment, and mo ...
6745 10.00 19/8/07 11:12pm 1 reviews
First Factory / Nitro.Vo X47 AK Rail System
posted by orca

First Factory / Nitro.Vo X47 AK Rail System
13577 9.00 21/7/07 11:19pm 1 reviews
Star M6 Flashlight/Laser Replica
posted by PenGun

Stars replica of the Insight M6 tactical light/laser combo
7732 None 22/6/07 8:08am No reviews
posted by ardrummer292

Item details: Gearbox type: Polycarb PGC Style Magazine capacity:High Cap: 2000Rds Lenght: 1045mm Muzzle velocity: 340fps Accuracy: 120 feet Battery pack size: Small Ty ...
14300 8.50 4/1/07 2:33pm 2 reviews
softair walther p99
posted by steyrlover

*this is my first full review so I hope you understand if it sucks* p99 history: designed in 1994 and showcased in 1996 the p99 was designed to be a modern police/self-d ...
5240 7.00 22/8/06 7:58pm 1 reviews
Tanio Koba Tanio Koba 20mm Rail Adapter for USP full size
posted by Robot 2000

A small plastic part which bolts onto the frame of your full size (Tanaka/KSC/Tanio Koba) USP to allow the mounting of 20mm rail accessories.
8521 9.00 17/7/06 6:14am 1 reviews
Maruzen Walther PPK/S (New Version)
posted by Catman

Images are externally hosted - click on the images here for a larger version Maruzen Walther PPK/S New Version http:­/­/www­.stealthstudios­. co.uk/catma ...
80990 None 12/5/06 9:43pm No reviews
Star D-LAP Laser Aiming Pointer
posted by Redhawk

A replica of the real DBAL unit, Star's D-LAP is a cool looking laser sight that can be mounted on any 20mm rail.
54547 8.50 7/5/06 3:07am 2 reviews

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