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Description: Not a very powerful weapon, but a hell of a lot of fun around the house.
Keywords: Glock G18c EBB Electric Blowback
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Bob the Angry Potato

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Positive aspects of the product (pros): Accurate for an EBB, Full Auto feature, Attention to Realism, Trademarks
Cons: Stick Magazine, Mediocre Range, Gearbox sounds, Semi-pitiful Blowback

A few months ago, I ran into a bit of a problem. My GBB had broken, and I was left with only 150 dollars and a need for a semi-automatic weapon. I decided to try this new EBB pistol, which was seemingly getting mixed opinions wherever I looked. However, most reviews by people who actually owned the gun were good, so I decided to take my chances.

I got the gun without incident from Rangers Airsoft, which took about 5 days.

The gun was packaged neatly in the box, with the manual, a small box of Tokyo Marui High-Grade 12g BBs, and, of course, the gun itself. It came with 2 targets, which I used later.

FIRST IMPRESSIONS: The first thing I did was run around looking for things to gut for AAA batteries. After about 5 minutes, I managed to get 4 half-decent batteries, which I put in.

I pointed the gun downrange and fired. Nothing happened... I pulled again, and suddenly,
A BB whizzed out, hit the microwave and ricocheted around the room. Honestly, my first impression was "wicked..."

I managed to jerry-rig a non-ricochet low-velocity BB Trap to test the accuracy on. From about 10 metres, they all ended up quite close together, each about 1 cm apart, at most, in a tight circle.

After I had used up both target sheets, I ran across another problem... THEY CAN'T GO THROUGH PAPER. The printer sheet I had set up with the target merely had the BB bounce off it and hit me in the leg.

Afterwards, I managed to jerry-rig another, this time using tissue. It worked, the weapon punched through it easily. After unloading a clip, there was not a series of holes, but a big rip in the very center of the target.

Performance: I replaced the batteries with fresh Energizer AAAs, and there was a significant difference in the ROF. The gun emptied in bout 4 seconds, leaving the target completely shredded. 3 clips could leave it cut in half.

Afterwards, I decided to take it out onto the field. After my main weapon had ran out, I pulled it out and plugged a guy running towards me. He noticed because I hit him in the neck accidentaly during the spray, but that's the only reason. I must have hitten him at least 5 times, and he said that he only felt the one. I tried again on a different person afterwards, and HE DIDN'T FEEL IT AT ALL. He heard it and called a hit, but he didn't feel the hit through his vest.

Overall, I don't think this gun should be used for big skirmishes (Range and Power issues) or the like, but should be kept for indoor matches, target practice (It can hit a man-sized target at 70 feet, not bad for an EBB) and general plinking. I found that that's it's best purpose, as it doesn't do any damage to the targets you set up, particularily dollar store Army Men...

Unfortunately, not long afterwards, my sister was loading a clip for me and loaded in a metal BB from her science class, just to see what would happen. The gun jammed up, and after I got the BB from being lodged in the barrel, the gun didn't shoot, BBs would just roll out the end of the barrel. After shooting like this for a very, very long time, the BBs finally shot again, but clipped far to the right, and had very many double/triple feeds. It got better over time, but its accuracy has gone down quite a bit, its power has decreased some and it still has the occasional double feed. Still, it's a fun and safe gun to use around the house, and I'd reccomend it to anyone who wants to have indoor battles or just for general plinking.

PLEASE NOTE: My camera was broken at the time, I ripped this picture off Google Images, it looks exactly as it did. Sorry, whoever took it...

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