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Description: Mini Auto Electric Gun with single shot and full auto capacity.
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Registered: September 2005


Registered: September 2005
Posts: 3
Review Date: 10/9/05 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: 100.00 | Rating: 8 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Full auto in a small package. Underestimated by the opposition.
Cons: Battery can run out a bit quick. Easy to blow up the battery. Standard mags only hold 30 rounds.

I purchased this little beauty from Wolf Armouries in February 2005. I didn't get a chance to use it at a skirmish till later in the year.

Supplied as standard, you get the gun, a dinky little 200mAh Sanyo micro battery (same type as for the M93), a standard mag, cleaning rod and a charging adaptor. The pic above shows the battery fitted to the charger adaptor, which is fitted with a large connector plug. I'm not sure if Wolf or TM fitted the plug, as the spec sheet says it should come with a dedicated 110V charger.

This is a solid bit of kit. 0.7 kg, with no rattles or squeaks. The frame and slide are made of a fairly tough polymer, with some extra weighting inside the slide. Detail is excellent, the slide has markings for Glock, 18C, Austria 9x19 down the left side, 9x19 on the top, and Glock and serial numbers on the right side. The frame gets a serial number underneath the front of the barrel (where there also resides a small accessory rail), Glock on the left of the handgrip, and TM markings on the right. On top of the slide, there is a slot cut to emulate the compensator on the real steel version. Handgrip is well textured, but can get a little slippy if you suffer from the demon sweaty hands Smile

After charging the battery, pop the top slide off by pushing the button on the rear of the (non moving) slide, under the rear sight. Battery slides under the barrel and clicks positively into place. Removal is a doddle, and involves pulling down a lever mounted on the left side of the barrel, just in front of the Hop unit (more on this later).

Pop the slide back on, then turn your attention to the mag. The mag release button falls naturally at the tip of your thumb (for a right hander), which also happens to be where a little bit of my holster sticks out. Yes, I have lost mags, and they are a pig to find Sad
Standard mags are metal construction, double stacking and absolutely solid. Speed loaders are the best bet, but it is just as easy to load by hand. Only 30 shots, but it is possible to get 100 round upgrades. The pic above shows the difference in size, and the larger mags are polymer construction.

So, lets shoot something! Fire selector has 2 positions. Up gives you single shot, and down gives you full auto. Safety is taken care of by 2 safeties. First is a slide switch on the right hand side of the frame above the trigger. When down, it locks the trigger forward. When up it allows the second safety to take over. This is a small lever located in the trigger blade, and operates as you take the pressure on the trigger. Just line up the little white dot inside the white U of the rearsight, and off you go.

The firing action is just like any AEG. Let off is a little vague compared to a gas gun, and it is unusual to not see the slide whizzing about. Accuracy is pretty good, with a fair amount of power for it's size. Cardboard boxes at 10-15 yards will let a few BB;s through, and the grouping is pretty good. ROF isn't stunning, but it's not bad, and with a 100 rounder in, and set to rock and roll, it's a lot of fun. Hop adjustment (if you need it) is simplicity itself. Just pop off the slide and adjust the small wheel on the left of the barrel. With the slide off, the gun can still fire single shot, and the job is done in no time.

So, is it worth it? I would say yes. I've plugged a few folks who didn't take it seriously, and the look on their faces was a joy Smile As a back-up, it has been reliable, and has put in a few turns as my only weapon when my rifles have given up the ghost. Problems have been few, with only occasional feed problems with the Hi-Cap when it was new. Batteries will last four or five Hi-Caps if you go full auto all the time. Single shot would probably last all day.

It's not everyone's cup of tea, but you won't be very disappointed if you buy one. Get a Hi-Cap and a spare battery and life is good:)
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Review Date: 21/9/05 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: 95.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): safe for cqb, works in cold, no gas costs, good range
Cons: pellets take a while to arrive, mag catch is too easy to knock

I bought this as a backup for a sniper rifle. Well, I had not seen one and just decided to buy it for several reasons........

TM is a brand I have trusted since 1991.
No gas (no running costs and bulky can.)
No moving slide (easy to get dirt inside)
Low Power (well for close range shooting 210fps is enough)
Cheap mags (compared to GBB mags)
No recoil, low noise (practical)
Works in low temperatures (I live in the UK LOL!)

Well I spent an extra tenner and bought the Japanese plug transformer. This allows the supplied charger to be plugged into it. In turn the transformer plugs into your UK 240v socket and the batteries are charged in an Hour. The charger knocks off (light goes out) when battery is charged.

The batteries fit so easily that you instantly live the AEP. Fill tha mag by hand and then pop away on semi bringing a smile to your face. The pellets fly oh so straight for such a low powered gun that it can take on any GBB for accuracy with 0.20g

OK, the pellets take a little while to arrive if the target is at long range. But for 210fps (wih a high HOP setting) the 0.20g fly right out to 45m max range which is impressive if you aim at 45 degrees elevation. Can take on an AEG with this thing in my eyes, even at longer ranges. It may not penetrate cover so well, but I have still shot players at close range through ferns with no problem.

I have hit fast moving crossing targets at 10-15m ranges, you just have to remember to aim in front of the target (lead). A good tip is to guess how far in front and then add some more.... as the pellets do float.

The full auto setting is fine if you like that type of thing. It empties the mag in the blink of an eye, however, I just stick to semi auto and find it works a treat.

I have taken on AEG players up close in a firefight and used it's advantage of better movement to hit my opponent.

I mainly only use it to shoot when I am that close that a hit is certain. Hit someone nearly every time I have opened fire in such an ambush, as within 15m it is more than capable of doing the job.

The battery does around 10 mags (10X30=300 pellets) on semi auto and apparantly increasing to 500 if using auto. Full auto is more efficient than stopping and starting the motor all the time.

I have lost a magazine while fleeing an AEG player. I guess I knocked the large mag release catch as I ran. This is really easily done. I looked around for a while with a metal detector and never found it. So bought another low cap. Now I tape the mag in to avoid a repeat. I find that 30 pellets is more than enough for the job I use the GLOCK 18C for. Although I now have a spare mag and a friend gave me a high cap. I never use the high cap but let my kids have a go with that in.... Smile

I shoot all year round and espescially love the odd bit of snow we get. This gun will still work in these conditions where a GBB can struggle at times. Although the batteries work best between 20 and 30c. At reduced temperatures the rof and staying power decrease slightly. At 5c I only got 200 rounds out of the battery on semi auto.

With the low milage I put on this gun, I hope it will last for many years to come. My friend describes the GLOCK as an ELECTRIC in your pocket and I agree. This thing can hold it's own even against AEG's....

If you used high caps, this could even be your main gun! A spare battery would be helpfull though if that was the case.

Players may not fear it, or rate it even, but that doesn't mean it will not hit them. This underestimation can be their downfall...

This gun is not for a fanatical replica collector; but more for a player who likes practical gaming guns.

EDIT: I now hae 2 low caps, a high cap and 2 batteries. All for about the same price you pay for just a basic AEG. If your on a budget then this could be the way for you?

Buy one now. Over time, you will save money over a GBB as there is no running costs of expensive gases. Look at it as an investment.

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Review Date: 11/12/05 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: 95.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Great fun, superb CQB or blat your mate gun
Cons: Not a blow back & very plasticy, but hey.

I would second everything in the above reviews. barring battery issues there isn't mucdh to fault with the design.

A metal slide/silencer attachment might be cool as an after market upgrade but on both TM's AEP's you get exactly what you pay for straight out of the box.

I originally bought my G18C as a "winterised" alterative to my GBB glocks for woodland use. Again the battery makes it much more cost effective overtime compared to a gas gun & it fits my existing holsters.

All round excellent piece of kit. Good laugh shooting your mates when mucking about between games too.

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Review Date: 13/3/06 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: 84.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Range,RoF,Looks,Build Quality,100 round mags.
Cons: slightest drop from holster stoped it working....

The TM Glock 18c MAEG is a brillaint Side arm,truley awesome in CQB as a primary weapon and a awesome side arm in Woodland,The Pistol comes standard with charger and battery and a 30 round magazine,however i wud recomend u buy at least 2 100 round mags especailly if you are going to use it as a primary weapon in CQB,i made the mistake of buy and aditional 30 round mag which is no good lol :P
I use the Guarder Tactical / Duty Convertible Holster which is a perfect fit for the Glock :D
RoF is pretty good kinda behined a AEG altho creates i decent wall of bbs when fireing at a target,Range on the pistol and lets be real effective range is about 25 - 30 metres i may be wrong as i dint measure it :P
Battery life is about 300 rounds per battery charged at about 30 - 45 mins max !!
My Only gripe which is kinda the negative aspect at the top of this review is that i droped Glock from Holster height(fleeing enemy fire :P) it hit a Vinyl floor (yea yea i know what ya saying its as hard as concrete lol) an something must of come loose,it was under warranty so i sent it back to Airsoft Dynamics i recevied it back within about 5 days,they had obvoiusly found the fault internally and fixed it,So now i always snap the button shut on the holster
Brillaint Pistol think it is about 220fp/s ?
IS truley the perfect side arm or primary weapon due to its RoF and Range,and surely better then GBB/NBB due to cost effectivenes.

Highly Recommend

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