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Description: Desrt eagle by CYMA bought in Russia for $12
Keywords: Desert eagle china cyma cheap crap blowback AEG
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Registered: October 2005
Location: Saint-Petersburg


Registered: October 2005
Location: Saint-Petersburg
Posts: 30
Review Date: 21/10/05 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 5 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Price, range, blowback
Cons: weight, magazine capability

Excuse my english, my native is C++ Smile
Yep. here in Russia there are problems, while getting the gun you need. Cause not many online shops work with Russia etc. so - we are getting all what we can see, especially when we see such coool thing. yep. its GOOD. Yes, for CYMA its REALLY GOOD.
Ok, now some special words.

2 weeks ago I went home from the hard day at work. passing the toy store I decided to watch - may be there's somthng interesting. yep, there were. there were two of them. Great, big....

I bought them both. Now I will tell you why.
for the price of 12 bucks you get - a gun with crappy batteries (4xAAA), cheap glasses - usual for CYMA, and a chrger for batteries. batteries were changed into powerful motorola, and chargers plugged itnto sockets. waitng.

After charging I loaded 'em and shot. wow. blowback... china started doing blowbacks... Smile... kewl!. after several tests I found out, that the guns are not as bad as the should be. forget .2BB, only .12. But with this .12 they are good. I use them while playing in our usual place - unfinished plant, in Gatchina, near Saint-petersburg. There not so many big spaces, mostly rooms and corridors. So - from 15 meters .12BB goes to A4 paper target. all of 16 BB in the magazine. there is hopup - not adjustable, pity Sad. BB go a little up, but with .2 BB range decreases rapidly and strongly. with .12 - its good. first of all - it's rather cool - looking like some kind of bad ass with 2 Desert Eagles. In corridors and rooms you don't need much range, but you need POWER! Smile beside that - when I unscrewed it, I found out there's a stainlesssteel barrel, 6.1mm diameter. That's why it shoots good. After assembling it back - ? found out that the blowback is not working Smile But now it shoots full automatic and empties the clip in 3 seconds! the decision was to fix blowback Smile back. so now? for $24 plus several more for ggood batteries (I used dissasembled battery from motorola cellular) you get 2 sewing mashines, which can be very funny and rather useful in CQB. I do not sorry for buyin them Smile

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Review Date: 4/2/07 Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid?: 14.99 | Rating: 4 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Looks nice from a distance, big, price
Cons: rubbish batteries, all plastic, poor range

Short and sweet review!

Ok for toying about in the house with no ammo in it, as the blow back looks cool. Other wise not really worth the money.

I stuck a set of 1000mah Nickel hydride rechargeables and it definately had more kick than the original 350mah Ni-cads.

Took it to a skirmish and god, 20ft max, how embrassing, couldn't even embed itself in soft mud just bounced back at me!

Certainly looks good in a holster, but just don't take it out and try to use it to hold it own.

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Review Date: 6/2/07 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: 20.00 | Rating: 8 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): real cheap, cool to look at, handy dandy
Cons: size = XXXL,

its real fun,i have 2 of these,specially if you take out blowback, shoots in full auto empties the mag(15 bb stickmag) in 3 secs.i took it to skirmish site a player approched me coz my mag was in the gun on debriefing- ?it wount bury itself on carton box at close range so no need to be afraid please.- HOW IWISH somehow i could connect a hose filling it with bbs it could posibbly be an m249,coz it wont stop shooting. it can also be with blowback + semi auto. shoots 25+ feet on 1100mahs . hop up unadjustable. painted mine to two tone.http://i121.photobucket.com/albums/o202/sir_vasily/Image0061.jpg
its from actionhobbys... Thanks Elvis!

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