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Description: Retro-fit Marushin 8mm M1 Carbine into paratrooper folding stock conversion.
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My Goodness, My Guinness!

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Positive aspects of the product (pros): Paratrooper stock conversion makes the already outstanding Marushin M1 Carbine truly unique
Cons: Not a true semi-auto like real-steel

This is a combination 'review' of the Marushin 8mm M1 Carbine and a 'how to' describing the process to retro-fit a Paratrooper folding stock on the M1 Carbine.


I have always been in love with the M1 Carbine, there I said it.....

I know it may not be as sexy or adored as it's bigger, more lethal brother the M1 Garand, but it has always held a special place in my heart. My Father carried the M1 Carbine in Korea. He was part of a National Guard Anti-Aircraft unit that was deployed during the last days of the Korean conflict. While most of the GI's that used the Carbine during that period were using the 'M2 Carbine' which had the addition of select-fire, my father received a well worn WWII issue M1 Carbine. He loved that gun, right up until the day he placed it next to the 40mm anti-aircraft gun he operated and while traversing the weapon, the M1 shifted and fell against the 40mm cannon and was snapped in two like a twig as the gun mount swung around....... The next day he was issued a newer M1 Garand and told "Your Uncle Sam is going to deduct that weapon from your pay Soldier!"

The story of the M1 Carbine is relatively well known, so I will not dispense a full blown history lesson here. The M1 Carbine was developed as an alternative to the .45 automatic pistol for use by Officers and crew-served weapons troops. It offered a longer range and higher velocity projectile than the Colt .45 and was intended as an 'intermediate' step for troops on or near the front line that needed the additional targeting distance it allowed.

Due to its light weight and compact size it was also considered ideal for the newly formed Paratroops that would be utilzed in the invasion of Hitler's "Festung Europa" (Fortress Europe) The Army replaced the wood furniture on the M1 Carbines with a folding wire-stock pistol grip configuration that would again shrink the overall size of the weapon and allow the parachutist the ability to carry the rifle folded in a leg scabbord that gave him the quick access upon landing that was not available to the men issued the M1 Garand, who had to dis-assemble their weapons into the three main groups and store them in "Griswold bags".

The M1 Carbine was either 'loved' or 'hated'. It seems there was no in-between. It's convenient size and weight perhaps was not enough of a trade off for its smaller caliber (.30 Cal US Carbine) bullet, which did not have the stopping power of the .45 cal Colt automatic it was intended to subsitute, and certainly not the 30.06 slug from a M1 Garand.

Marushin M1 Carbine Family (8mm & 6mm)

The weapon I started this 'modification' with is the Marushin M1 Carbine replica in 8mm. This is the latest version of the US Carbine manufactured by Marushin. This model replaces the popular 6mm version availible until 2002. The 8mm 'projectile' is almost twice the weight and a full third larger than the traditional 6mm bb. While the 6mm product has been a Airsoft community favorite for some time, Marushin made several significant improvements with the new weapon. Specifically, the 8mm gun is completely metal. Where the 6mm gun uses a plastic receiver, trigger group, front sight, bayonette lug, and internal parts, the new product has gone with proper metal components adding both weight, authenticity, and certainly reliability. It also creates a nice audible 'clink-clank' when operating the bolt the charge the weapon. The entire bb mechanism was redesigned in the 8mm M1 Carbine, so other than the wood stock, there are no parts that this weapon shares with its 6mm predecessor.

The 'operation'

The following is the process by which the M1 Carbine is transformed into the "M1A1 Paratrooper" model. This conversion was performed for me by a highly qualified Airsoft Gunsmith Schmitty. He is a member of the popular 'WW2AA' WW2 Airsoft group Forums site at
http://ww2airsoft.com/ They are all a great group of guys and WWII Airsoft enthusiasts and are always willing to help. Also credit to the venerable Gordak of the WW2 Airsoft Association, one of the first I know of to dream up the conversion idea.

Although this retro-fit was performed by a skilled Airsoft gunsmith, as you will see this can also be done by pretty much anyone with a few simple tools.

Step 1: Remove from original wood stock. Remove screw from front barrel collar, remove retaining screw from wood stock behind trigger guard.


Step 2: Remove receiver and barrel group from wood stock. Carefully remove the components from the original stock by lifting up on the barrel, grab at the end of the front grip to provide support for the barrel assembly.

Step 3: Remove recoil plate, and cut lower rear of trigger group modification. The recoil plate is an 'L' shaped piece that attaches to the receiver group with two small screws at the top, and one screw at the bottom- remove it completely from the receiver. Next, cut the lower trigger group extension with a hacksaw or dremel tool approximately 1 1/4 inch behind the trigger guard as shown.

The resulting metal removal process will leave the receiver in this configuration-

Step 4: Prepare Para-stock for M1. Using a dremel or small round file, remove some of the inside material where the new Marushin receiver will go- As this is a reproduction stock housing, the fit may vary- It is always a good idea to attempt to 'dry-fit' the components to gauge how much will need to be altered.

Step 5: Install altered M1 Carbine receiver into altered Para stock.

Be sure to go slowly here to fit the receiver into the new stock-

Next, ease the barrel group into place.

Finally, tighten the top retaining screw in the parastock buttplate.

Step 6: Some modification for front hand guard may be necessary. You may need to grind and remove some of the top of these two barrel screws to seat the new front hand guard correctly- remember this para stock was made for a real M1 Carbine, not an Airsoft bb gun- the real-steel doesn't have these two little screws.

Step 7: Install front hand guard. You may have to build up the section of the front hand guard that fits into the rear receiver to make a snug fit. You can use black tape or a similar material to pad the cowl so that there is no room for movement.

This image illustrates the installed hand guard and shows that the built-up tape will not be visible when installed.

Step 8: Reinstall the front barrel collar and retaining screw. Fit the collar back in place, Since I also own the Marushin 6mm M1 Carbine, I took the plastic Bayonette collar and cut it back to the barrel collar to recreate the correct WWII configuration- the Bayonette lug was introduced late enough in the war to not really make it to the troops, it was used in the Korean Conflict.


The Marushin M1 Carbine in 8mm is one of the best replica WWII weapons available today. Being a gas-fed, single shot 'rifle' it performs quite well and consistantly. FPS ranges on HFC134a are in the 300's and it will take Green Gas which pushes the ballistics over the 400 Feet Per Second range. As this is considered a 'bolt-action' weapon under most Airsoft field rulesets, these power measurments are still within acceptable limits. Of course it generally means this is considered a 'sniper' weapon, and limits the engage distance to 75'+, so it's certainly not a 'run-n-gun' firearm. This coupled with the requirment to charge each shot, means that isn't a real concern anyway.

When fitted in the folding Paratrooper stock this replica weapon becomes truly unique on the battlefield and fits in well with the mix between Airsoft Skirmishing and WWII reenacting that has been gaining popularity recently.

If you already own a Marushin M1 Carbine or are thinking of adding it to your collection, you may want to consider this modification for your weapon. The parastocks are still pretty widely available from eBay or at a gunshop in the $150 to $200 dollar range and the fit and workmanship are excellent, the wood is very high quality and certainly superior to the original stock provided by Marushin. For those of us Carbine nuts out there, this is a 'must-have' Airsoft replica- you won't be disappointed.

The next and final task I need to do to make this a 'complete' WWII correct M1 Carbine is to replace the rear ramp sight with the proper WWII flip sight- I will update this review when that has been accomplished.





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