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Description: Beaultiful M1 Carbine replica, one of the most popular rifle in world, this is a gas powered rifle, made with beautiful real wood stock and almost full metal parts. This gun is perfect for WWII battle reenectors.
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Registered: June 2005
Posts: 25
Review Date: 22/11/05 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: £143.00 | Rating: 8 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Full metal, real wood stock, large magazine capacity, good power, good acurry etc...
Cons: Isn't semi-auto like real thing. From this aspect I reduced 2 points.

The history of the M1 Carbine:

The M1 carbine is an quite interesting weapon. The original request for a compact and lightweight shoulder arm to replace service handguns for second-line (non-fighting) troops was first issued by US Army in 1938. The idea behind this request was that a shoulder arm, such as carbine, firing ammunition of moderate power, will have more effective range and will be much simpler to train the users to fire it accurately, than the standard .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol or revolver. This request was probably the first recognition of the need in the Personal Defense Weapon in the modern sense. Request was shelved for some time and re-issued in 1940. It included the new cartridge of .30 caliber but of power far less than of US general issue .30-06 ammunition. The cartridge, officially named the "cartridge, ball, .30 caliber, M1", was developed by the Winchester company. It was a straight-case, rimless design with round-nose bullet weighting 110 grains (7.1 gram) and muzzle velocity of 1860 fps (~ 570 m/s). Muzzle energy was about 2 times more than of .45ACP pistol cartridge but still almost 3 times less than of .30-06 rifle cartridge. In the modern sense the .30 carbine cartridge can be called an "intermediate" but the lack of the muzzle energy and round nosed bullet limited the effective range to about 656 ft (200 m) or so. Anyway, it had still much longer range than any pistol round of its time, along with moderate recoil…

Wink 10/10 "The first look":

At the first time you look this gun it can be easy mistaken with the real “thing”,
This gun have a high quality and beautiful real wood stock, full metal parts and one little problem: The firing mechanism. This airsoft version is a bolt action rifle.

9/10 Power:

This gun have a impressive power can easy reach +300 FPS using 134A gas and .45g Marshuin BB’s.
I was impressed with the accuracy of this gun, shooting with a fully loaded magazine (13 rds), 40 ft (12m) from target 4-5 shoots missed in 2 try outs.


High quality made, full metal parts, a real wood stock, accessible price, etc…


Non blow back, hard to find reposition parts, 8mm BB’s more expensive than 6mm.

8/10 Quality:

The aluminum parts are pretty nice looks like steel, the wood stock is made from a nice wood quality but you can find better stocks with more quality for lower price… Looking at the Marushin M1 Carbine next to a real M1 Carbine its really hard to say what is the real one. This gun have a cocking adaptor for quick reloads on every shot.

Smile Conclusion:

This gun is very cool for playing WWII Skirmish etc…
Nice gun, strong power, exceptional accuracy, high quality made, etc…

That’s it. Im sorry for my bad English im from Brazil. Wink

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