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Description: This is a high quality copy of the Tokyo Marui Leopard A5 1/24th scale airsoft tank. It boasts all the great details of the Marui tank, plus extra light, sound, and action details, all at a lower price. Avialable at Toyeast.
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Review Date: 6/1/06 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: £60.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Detail, quality, price
Cons: Somewhat delicate, though nothing has popped off yet.

I've been eyeballing the 1/24th scale tanks offered by Marui and Hen Long for years now, nearly as long as I've been eyeballing airsoft guns. I was not ready to pay Marui prices, and have read some scathing reviews of the Hen Long copies, not to mention can spot some obvious inaccuracies and cost cutting changes from Marui's design.

Recently, when researching other things, I came to the Toyeast website, and noted they had a fairly large RC tank section. Toyeast distributes tanks from several manufactures, including several I had heard of, such as Dragon, Takara, Marui, and Hen Long, but also VsTank.

It would appear that VsTank has taken up the practice of copying Marui tanks, but they do it very well. I wouldn't be surprised if VsTank is the OEM producer of Marui's tanks, they are that good.

VsTank's "Super Airsoft" line has several nice improvements on the Marui platform.

1. Lights. Headlights on when moving forward, rear lights when going backwards. Both light when spinning in place.

2. Drive motor and canon firing sound effects. Not the best, certainly, but cover the motor whining sounds nicely. It is too loud, and I have kind of grown sick of it.

3. Extra accessories, including training equipment and a flashlight.

4. Recoil action. When the cannon is fired, the tank quickly jumps back, makes a great booming noise and falls back to more or less where it started. Awesome.

Coupled with a normally lower retail price and more paint job options, it’s hard not to buy the VsTank.

I ordered the Winter Camo Leopard A5, and started waiting.

Some 2 weeks later, it came, in a large, beat-up box. Inside the bigger box, buried under lots of packing peanuts, was the smaller box containing the tank.

It is well packed. A lid with "Leopard 2 A5" and cool bolt details covers a clear plastic window. Under the window sits the tank, transmitter, and lots of goodies, neatly packed into sturdy, protective foam. Very reminiscent of opening a Marui AEG.

Other goodies in the box include:
1. Small box of VsTank BBs, .12g. Low quality, obvious seems, etc
2. Tank commander torso. Looks cooler than I thought it would.
3. Machinegun, MG3, I think.
4. Training light
5. Training...thing. Looks like a grenade launcher
6. Pair of antennae.
7. Big bottle of BBs, same type as in the box
8. Cool flashlight. LED, single AAA power. Fairly weak, but cool to find in with your tank. Strangely, it is marked “M1 Abrams”.
9. Manual, in English, printed and structured exactly like a Marui manual. Nice.

Pulling everything out is fun. The transmitter is the same as the newer type Maruis, and feels cheap in the hand. The smaller tank accessories are all neatly made and well painted. The training lamp fits well on a peg on the turret; the machinegun fits rather loosely in its hole. The tank commander figure looks good in his hatch, while the training device needs to be glued to the front of the turret.

The tank itself is just great. The winter camo looks fantastic and is very well painted. Nice, clean lines, convincing color and pattern, really nice. Other paint details are all over the tank, highlighting the incredibly detailed sculpt of the body. Details such as tow cables, shovels, hatch handles and the like all get small, clean paint applications, and really bring the tank to life. The details molded into the body really are great. Clean lines all around and no part is too small. Fans over the engine look perfect, smoke grenades on the turret are perfect, the way the lines in the camouflage pattern follow to the structures of the body is really cool.

The tank does plenty, even before you turn it on. Both the commander and gunners hatches open. The command sits in his hatch after it is lifted and swiveled aside, while the gunner hatch hides the cannons on switch and BB reservoir. The thermal sight has detail paint apps and swivels 360 degrees. The machine gun is a bit loose in its hole, but looks great and can be swiveled. The rubber treads look great and have nice details, and wrap around detailed, fully suspended road wheels. Each wheel moves around ½”, and it is interesting to note that springs of various stiff nesses are used to support the tank at different wheels. Heavy springs at the rear, under the heavy motor, and at the very front, with lighter springs in the center. Cool. The turret has a pair of armor plates that fold out, making the tank look very wide, intimidating and mean.

Getting the tank running requires 8 AA batteries. That’s too bad. I may build a 9.6v battery back and rewire the tank later, as I really don’t like having to use so many batteries. There is an on/off switch on the underside of the tank, ahead of the battery compartment, as well as the on/off switch controlling the BB cannon and a switch on the transmitter. What it really needs is a switch or a knob to control speaker volume.

The tank has 3 forward speeds. The first is nice and slow, the second a good quick clip, good for moving around, and the third is very fast indeed, good for charging obstacles. It has 2 speeds with which to turn in wither direction. It has one reverse speed, and 1 reverse turning speed for both directions. Its very quick when backing up. The turret turns, and the cannon elevates. Firing is accomplished by holding the two firing buttons down and waiting as the cannon winds up. The cannon actually fires automatically, at about 1 round ever second and a half or so. Makes me think of a very primitive AEP.

Performance is good. The tank is fast, and can negotiate some decent obstacles. It can get over fairly large square edge bumps, up to about 2 inches or so. Smoother obstacles are much easier to climb, and it can really get over a lot of things, including my G36K’s RAS. Pretty impressive to watch, really. It can climb a serious incline, given enough traction. Rugs, grass, etc slow it down, and the tank obviously labors in this kind of terrain. Hard surfaces, including dirt, are where this tank shines. The springs are unfortunately a bit stiff, meaning the tank rides somewhat harshly. The cannon shoots fairly far, on par with a cheap springer. More than good enough to kill plastic army men, and to punch holes in paper.

Be sure to run to a dollar store and buy some plastic army men, you‘ll need them. Nothing is cooler to run over, and they’re cheap, too!

Battery consumption is pretty poor, with cheap batteries. I got about 4 hours of play from Radioshack AAs, so I’m going to try to rig up a cheaper batter solution. With 2500mah Energizer rechargables, I get better a lot more time. It’s a good sturdy tank, but I wouldn’t be too rough with the finer detail parts, it’d be easy to snap off a handle or similar molded detail.

All in all, its great fun. Looks good enough to be displayed as a model, and has a lot of play value. Go get one!

Tanks: Leopard 2A5 M1A2 Abrams T-72M1 2008 Leopard 2A6 Prototype Laser Version
PM me your VsTank related questions.

WTB: Broken KSC Mk23, any version

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