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Description: Functional airsoft claymore mine. Shoots bbs & talcom powder either via trip wire or wireless remote control.
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Homepage/URL: www.supercelldev.com
Posts: 49
Registered: June 2006
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand


Registered: June 2006
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand
Posts: 49
Review Date: 28/6/06 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Great for adding another dimension to base or trail defence.
Cons: The support legs are flimsy & 1 electrical lead has snapped

Well, I've had these goodies for some time now, and thought nows the time to post a review on these.

One of my favorite scenarios is the Veitnam trail (whereby I get to ambush unsuspecting Marines). I wanted something to keep them on their toes and looking where their feet were - not were I could be hiding.

Where can you get them?

or jon@supercelldev.com

I was a little nervous ordering these - as New Zealand have rather tough import laws - and these things LOOK very real (I've never seen a real one - but I think these look the part). They came in easily - no problems at all except tax Sad.

I paid via paypal USD$338 for two electronic claymores (included USD$59 shipping to NZ). Jon was excellent to deal with - emailed me to keep me informed of order progress.

When the goodies arrived I eagerly ripped open the box.

Inside I wasn't sure what to expect - I was pleasantly surprised...

2 x claymores
1 x remote detonation wireless reciever
1 x remote transmitter
1 x CD-Rom (even has label on CD-Rom)
1 x paper instructions

Paper and a CD-Rom which has everything you need to know - in English. The guy in the video explained how to load, setup, fire , store the Claymore. Gerenal maintenance was also displayed. So if you buy this, makes sure you have access to a PC with a CD-Rom, it is worth it.

Build Quality?

Excellent. These look very real. They are made from a rubberised plastic. My only complaint would be the legs are a little flimsy. I've had to straigthen the legs several times and also tighten the rivited pivot points.

How does it work?

The top trigger releases a catch, which keeps the front cover closed. When the catch is released, a couple of very large springs pop foward with great force. The springs are held back against the a large steel hinge - which connects to yet protects the rubbersied lid. Between the two springs is some strong canvass type material, in which initially rest the bb's.

The catch is released by either a trip wire, or electric coil connected to the wireless reciever.

Be warned! The current required to release the electric coil is a lot - don't use crap batteries (I use the recommended copper tops). Keep spare batteries in your kit - and disconnect the receiver battery after use to save power. The copper top 9V is required for triggering the claymores, a normal 9V can run the receiver.

Also, make sure the batteries in the hand held transmitter are good - otherwise range is limited (especially in the bush). I relied on the factory provided transmitter battery - and they were weak (this cost me several initial kill opportunities - until I found the problem was transmitter range).

The bb range is very good - I estimate a 8m spread (though this depends on angle of tilt).

Remote Fire:

The Transmitter range is limited, I found in the bush it was around 20m - so you will be in the hunting line (ie hide yourself closeby if remote triggering). But while hiding, you also need to see that the enemy is now within the spread range.

(Setup) time?

I typically pre-load the claymores before the game. Allow a good 10min to setup. You will need to find a suitable choke point, and then a suitable hiding postiion for the claymore - which also allows you to see the kill zone (so you can trigger it). Needless to say this can take some time to find. Once setup, spreading loose foiliage over the claymore hides it nicely (I've painted my 'red' canvass material black - so it blends better). I often add talcum powder to simulate smoke.


As a force mulitplier - this is a great weapon.

I've used the claymores as dummy diversions - just to create confusion and uncertainty. I've also used these to defend a target that the enemy was to take - the enemy was none the less very cautious to approach.

While no 'rules' existed in our field regarding usage, I would not deploy once I was hit (unless trip wire used).

Kills, only deployed effectively once out of '8' attempts (4 were faults). First attempt I was killed before deploying (I triggered it near games end just for fun - scared the marines who had just gone over it and past the kill zone - if only I wasn't dead I thought). Next 4 attempts nothing happened - I found a dead battery and broken coil wire; this was frustrating as several times it would have been very decisive to the game. Next two were close calls - I had the wrong kill zone angle - but scared the players plenty (great to watch).

Last attempt won the game - Claymore spread took out 2 players including the medic who was rescuing two other players - with only two players left the VC won.

On a recent game, I placed a simulated 'missile box' the marines had to recover on top of a pre-tripped claymore. I actually got 'hit' defending the missile which meant I got to see and hear the reaction as the marines lifted the missile box and claymore exploded. Absolute blast !! Classic airsoft moment Smile.


Good. Only niggles are the legs, and one broken wire which I had to strip and re-terminate on the claymore.


I like the claymores. With the experience I've gained, and with lessons learned re the faults, I hope to improve the hit conversion rate. It takes time to setup - so I don't delpoy as often as I'd like.

Overall score is 9/10. The borken wire (minus .5 point), and the legs are light weight (another minus .5 point). Overall though, great product, would definitely recommend.

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