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Description: A small AEG which is aimed at younger airsofters. It is 3/4 of the size of a regular AEG and is much less powerfull. Reoportedly a direct copy of the TM boys AEG.
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Desolation mkII


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Positive aspects of the product (pros): Cheap (half the price of the TM BOYs M4), light, good backyard plinker, similar rate of fire as a full size AEG
Cons: Weak, occasionaly inacurate.

I have recently purchased this gun from airsoft Scotland. Due to the large amounts of questions on the forums about the AIM boy’s guns I decided to write this review.

In the Box
Included in the box was the gun itself, a small packet of BBs, the magazine and also a small box saying (but not containing) 6 AA batteries. Upon closer inspection I found out that this box is not long enough to fit one AA battery in, never mind 6.

Introduction/First Impressions.
The AIM boy’s guns are AEGs created to get younger people into airsoft. For this reason they are smaller than your average AEG (about 80% of the normal size), they are also less powerful, though they still have a notable rate of fire. When I first opened the box the M4 was much bigger than I had been expecting it to be, when measured it was 72cm (stock extended). It was also heavier than I expected (but weighs nothing when compared to an AEG).

Closer inspection.
Upon closer inspection, the gun seemed well made. It has an adjustable sight, which can be made smaller and moved left and right by twisting a small knob. The charging handle is non functional, as expected. The M4 has many small features that do not function, other than the sights, the fire selector and the mag ejection there is very little else that moves.
The very front part of the barrel is quite plastic looking and looks like it could snap off without much difficulty. However you can lift the gun and hold it horizontally whilst only holding the barrel (Though I don't recommend that you try this. I also noticed that to fire the M4 you need to press down a small button with you’re fore finger (similar to EBBs). This button is on the grip so pressing it down feels natural.

The Magazine.
The Magazine is a rather odd system. Firstly you open a door on the top of the mag and pour in about 100 BBs. Then you must put it in the gun, once in point the gun at the floor and pull down a switch on the front of the mag. Then shake the gun to get some into the tube that feeds the gun. Once done press a button on the side of the mag, which locks the BBs in the spring tube. The Mag fits about 17 BBs in the spring tube, and 100+ in the second chamber. This process may sound complicated but can be carried out in about 5 seconds.

The Batteries.
The batteries are inserted by pulling back the ring behind the grip, the lifting the top of the grip off. Then 6 AA batteries must be inserted. (I used Tesco's Alkaline). The M4 does not seem to work with some rechargeable batteries.

The Stock.
The stock can be extended to four places. This is done by squeezing the lever on the stock and pulling it back.

The Sights.
The sight has two settings; it has a small hole and a large hole to look through. These can be alternated using a knob on the side of the carry handle. Using the same knob the sights can also be moved from left to right.

Once I had loaded the magazine (with.12g BBs) and inserted the batteries I went outside. I flicked the fire selector so Semi Auto and fired a couple of shots that went about 15 meters. I opened up the hop up flap and adjusted the hop up, I aimed and fired again this time it went about 25 meters. I then flicked it into full auto and let go a burst. This gun has quite a high rate of fire. I have been told that it is the same as an AEG and would say that it it is certainly close. When fired, the BBs seem to float along, due to the hop up, and because they are .12g BBs they are easily sffected by the wind after about 15 meters. I then began firing at a target (50 by 80 CMs)from 15 meters away, the gun is quite accurate at this range about 7% hit the target, though notably only 1 shot out of 17 peirced the sugar paper target). Occasionally about every 1/6 shots a bb fires completely off target. I don't know if this is just my gun though. Note: after a few weeks of regular shooting the gun this random ricochet seems to be becoming less frequent.
Going back inside I fired at my sticky target from about 5 meters and hit every time with quite a good grouping just above the bulls eye. I do not know the power of this gun but Airsoft Scotland’s site says that it is about 130 fps; I would say it’s slightly more but without a chronometer I cannot be sure. For comparison it is more powerful than a TM EBB. However, it only leaves a small dent in a sprite can. Noteably, this gun won't fire at all using .2g BBs as it causes feed problems in the magazine.

All in all I would say that this is a great gun for beginners, children and backyard plink wars. I would say that you could possibly just about get away with using it in a CQB (its 80% size would be an advantage), but i doubt it at woodland as it is no where near powerfull enough. For a laugh I will try using it in a woodland skirmish.


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