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: Now a year old, Unreal Airsoft's main site is a CQB arena in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent. Took its name from Unreal Paintball, Madeley, where the first few events took place, although the CQB site is airsoft-specific.
The site is a former glass recycling facility with several levels on each 'wing' of the building, compressing into 2 levels in the centre, offering an intense gaming experience.
Unreal puts the 'Close' into Close Quarters!
: Unreal Airsoft CQB Woodland Stoke Urban Close Quarters
Homepage/URL: http://www.unrealairsoft.co.uk/


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I lost my airsoft virginity at unreal CQB, and in the true nature of the sport, i loved every second of it, and now im an addict!

The site itself has three levles, each one extremley different in terms of layout, the building is in a V shape and there is always intense fighting in/around/for control of the "labs" area which is at the tip of the V. i metioned different layouts, by that i mean the ground floor has a suspended gantry on one side, some open space in the middle, and what i can only describe as a maze of machinary on the other.

above that you have the labs which is a totaly unique fighting experience, when skirmishing up there you have to be aware that you can be shot from either side, front, back, and even from below. Dotted around the factory are machines that provide excellent cover, but beware, due to the nature of the site, its very easy to take cover for a brief second only to find you have been surrounded!

i have played numerous times at unreal CQB (despite the fact i live 160 miles away) and in my opinion its one of the most intense airsoft sites around, deffantly worth a day out, im sure you wont regret any of it.
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Well, i cant really fault Kezz and the guys at Unreal. The game scenarios are great, prices are good and so are the package deals on the pyro's.

Well I went to Unreal for my 1st skirmish and the guys there made me feel really welcome and treated me as if i'd been gaimg for years.

Unreal is on my doorstep too, so thats a real big bonus.

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Excellent CQB due to complex gaming arena,players are very friendly and helpful always willing to loan kit.Not very good for snipers but excellent for assault rifles and carbines.Games are good and Kez is always open to new game ideas.I would definatley recommend this site to novice and experienced players alike.
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