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Description: Big rifle for those big snipers.
Keywords: star scope rifle boltaction sniper gaspower bipod aw338 gun longarms
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Registered: June 2007
Posts: 9
Review Date: 18/8/07 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: £500.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Powerful Accurate Mostmetal
Cons: Expensive Heavy Long

Well i saw this rifle on the star website and thought "hmmmm i'll have that" so i looked around and found that a guy who was japanese had one he didnt like it ???? i dont know why. once i had it i drove home at about 100mph just to open it as it was all wrapped up in a box what a nice fella.
I finally got home and i ripped off the box.

.First impressions.

When i opened the box there it was gleaming in all its glory. i stood there for a moment thinking of what my mates would say then i grabbed it and just got terms holding it. The first thing i noticed was the weight this isnt a rifle you should use without a bipod. at the time all the parts to it where everywhere in the box, the bolt was out in some bubble wrap "pop" so i picked that up it is very sturdy none of it was scrapped all paintwork was brillaint ad there was no pratruding grease anywhere. the bipod was all metal easy to install and take off. the magazine was in two pieces the gas bit which was the magazine and the bb holder stick thing which holds 26 rds not alot but sniper dont need much. the scope was really good with the proper mount it gave the rifle umphhh.and if your wondering if the scope is good enough the range of the scope is how star say the rounds will go.


what can i say its gas powered and shoots like a dream although ive not fully tested it ive only shot it a couple of times and every thing works like clockwork. The best thing is the bolt whic has two items on it.
.saftey - I have seen may articles on saftey catches falling off but on the aw it doesnt its all good and its in a good place as it takes no effort to turn it on and off.
.pin - this tells you youve fired just a little feature.
The bolt runs smooth but i advise you to just grease it a bit to get full performance and dont do rapid cocks as yo may break something as that has happened with previous rifles of mine. normaly with a gas rifle you see a small puff of gas come out the end because of the flash eliminator at the end there is none and its about as quite as a dead donkey so no trouble there.


Now there are many features which werent on the maruzen models such as the pin and flash eliminator. But some things are still there.
. Butt folding stock - works fine (make sure you fold the stock before inserting or extracting the bolt.
. Adustable cheek piece - very good but not always needed.
. Monopod - no use for it because im pritty strong so no.
. Easy to take out mag unlike the chinese copys which broke yer nails off.


Get it!!!!!!
Get it now !!!!!!!

The only things that most will find bad is the price but its worth it if i didnt know better it would last a life time and still work at stock level.
Along with a ghillie suit youll look the part.

(If i have missed things out dont worry i did this in half an hour)

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Review Date: 4/10/07 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Power, Weight, Accuracy.... etc
Cons: Cost

Already reviewed this on another forum, but I thought I paste it in here for a wider audience.....

Okay, first and foremost, this isn't the most complete review I've ever written but I thought I'd note my early impression of my new Star AW338. Its been out of the box for about an hour and therefore hasn't been on site yet, so please take these views as a working progress until I've seen how it performs in the field.

First impressions.
Out of the box, it looks the business! Comes disassembled, but fits together beautifully. The Zero One site gives the usual bumf about how assembling/stripping it makes you feel like some covert assassin………….. well I hate to admit it, but it really does!
Once together, it looks even better! Its really sturdy without any body flex (as its a solid stock). The biggest thing you'll notice is the weight. It’s a mightily impressive 8Kg (according to Z1 site) and it certainly feels it. This is not a rifle you'd want to use without a bi-pod (unless you have arms like Arnie!!!).

The mag came already gassed which allowed me to get a few rounds off to check on accuracy and fps. Not sure what gas is in it at the moment, but it chrono'd at 472fps with .2g BBs.
I stupidly forgot to order the Abbey Ultra gas which is recommended by Z1, but rest assured when it arrives, I will be checking the fps again!

Considering I'm using .2g at the mo, its incredible! Once I'd zeroed the scope, I was regularly getting 5 inch groupings at around 50 meters! This can only improve once I source better ammo.

Hop Up
Easy to adjust as it was almost spot on when it arrived!

The only gripe I have at this point is that the bolt seems incredibly stiff, but I'm putting this down to the fact that its new. I'll be greasing it up properly when I get the time and see if that helps.

Okay, that'll do for now. I'll come back and edit once its seen some action.


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