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Description: Review of the ICS M4 R.I.S. Carbine (PCR-97 R.I.S. Carbine).
Keywords: ICS M4A1 R.I.S. RIS PCR-97 Carbine Olympic Arms M4
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Registered: October 2006
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Review Date: 12/12/07 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: 185.00 | Rating: 8 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Innovative Split Gearbox Design, compatible with many M16/M4 mags, It's an M4, Nice Body, Realistic Weight, Looks Like the Real Deal
Cons: Wobbly Stock, loose selector, R.I.S. does not line up with upper receiver, huge seam (can't spell) lines everywhere

My Review of the ICS M4 R.I.S. (PCR-97 R.I.S.) 2007 Version
Let me start that I got this rifle to complete my U.S.M.C. loadout and I've done lots of research and based on those reviews I have decided to choose ICS over Classic Army and other manufacturers.

The gun arrived in a very long box, which looked kind of too long for the rifle, but upon inspection, there was just paper around the box because it wasn't a standard size.

The Box:
The box was a cardboard box sort of which had ICS markings, a picture of a soldier with the rifle and "PCR-97" and some other stuff. Blah blah blah, nothing special. What's inside IS special! Smile Inside, there is the beautiful gun. It is firmly in place in a material I can't describe, but it is EXTREMELY nice and holds the rifle solid and prevents scratches as well. It came with two 450 round high capacity mags, which are the same size as the real deal, but do not sit in the mag well as far and are finished with a black finish instead of a grey finish. It also comes with a cleaning rod, a foregrip, about 1000 ICS High Precision BB's, and instructions booklet and a CD. Overall, I am satisfied with what came in the package.

The stock is a negative aspect of the rifle and I guess other people dislike this about their ICS as well. The stock tube is full metal and is very solid. It is just the actual stock itself. It wobbles a lot and you can see the mold marks everywhere. What is good though is it has 6 positions. One fully closed, four in between, and one fully extended.

Upper Receiver:
The upper reciever is full metal and holds the ejector port, unjamming button (forgot technical name), and the charging mechanism, which when pulled opens the ejector port to reveal the hop-up. What is very neat about the unjamming button is that it actually has a purpose now. After shooting, you press that button to release the tension on the spring. A very nice feature instead of having to press a button in the mag well.

One thing I do not like about the ejector port is that it opens a little too easy. If you insert the magazine with a lot of force, it will pop open, and if you sometimes just brush your hand on it, it will pop open, but at least it does open upon pulling the charging handle, unlike the CA version.

Lower Receiver:
Full metal, holds the magazine ejection button, the selector switch, and the bolt assist button, which does not function and cannot be pushed. The magazine ejector button serves just the purpose, to eject the magazine. The magazine drops out without having to pull it out, which is nice for fast and realistic reloads.

The selector switch is another downfall of the rifle. It does click into place, but rotates around freely and way to easily. It could pop out of its position randomly if not handled gently (which is kind of impossible), which I have found just by turning corners very fast.

Pistol Grip:
The pistol grip is a nice nylon fiber and is textured on each side which gives it a nice grip. Sadly, it is not the same dimensions as the real steel, but it could not be achieved anyway because of the size of the motor, but almost every manufacturer is like this as well (except for Systema). Don't get me wrong though, it is very nice and comfortable in your hands.

I have not pulled the trigger yet because the battery I got that was DESIGNED for the gun did not fit right and so I have to change the connectors, but more on that later. The trigger is full metal though.

Carry Handle:
Full metal but had some rust around the elevation and wind adjustment nobs, but that is a minor thing. The adjustments click into place nicely. The rear sight does flip back and forth for long range and short range engagements.

Full metal, very solid, and has markers for each rail that is MACHINED, not LASERED like the Classic Army model. It splits in two to adjust the wires inside to get a snug setup for the AN/PEQ 2 box. To open up the R.I.S., simply twist the delta ring (the cylinder like inverted object between the rails and the receiver) counter clockwise and pull toward the receiver and then just split the R.I.S. and take it right out. Inside you can see the connector, the fuse, and then a second set of different connectors. The wires are very high quality. Connector is size MINI!

The foregrip that came with the gun kind of sucked. It is hard to tighten when it gets to a certain point and isn't even engaging the R.I.S.! I would suggest using pliers to tighten it, because it will hurt your hands to tighten it enough. It does loosen quite easily sadly, so tighten it when you start to feel wobble, because it might just fly off if you put to much force on it.

Front Sight:
Front sight is metal and can be only adjusted for elevation.

Barrel is standard M4 barrel length and is full metal. It is a two piece barrel and the length can be changed by twisting the barrel. I wouldn't recommend it though, it's only used if you have a weird length for a handguard set you want to install.

Flash Hider:
Standard M16 flash hider. Mine came with a very small portion painted dark orange, which is nice instead of something like half painted orange. Thanks Airsoft GI!

- Innovative Split Gearbox Design
- Compatible with many M16/M4 mags
- It's an M4
- Nice Body
- Realistic Weight
- Looks Like the Real Deal
- Nice trademarks

- Wobbly stock
- Loose selector
- Provided Foregrip kind of sucks
- R.I.S. does not line up with upper receiver

Now onto the battery issue. I purchased the Sanyo 9.6v 1700 mAh Ni-Cd battery that was DESIGNED for the AN/PEQ 2 battery box provided with the gun. On the website, it said the battery had a mini connector, but then after the purchase when I tried to connect the battery, the connector turned out to be a large! Wtf I said. I then go back on the website and then down the page where I didn't look, it said: NOTE: This battery has a large connector. So now I have to wait a week for the mini plug to change on the battery, so then once that has arrived, I will update on the firing report. Until then, this is all I have, so I will update as soon as I can on the firing.

So, In Conclusion:
The rifle is very nice and looks like the real deal. Although, the wobbly and loose things kind of take away from the feel, but it still feels like a solid rifle and I am glad I got it. I highly recommend it (as of now, have not tested yet).



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Review Date: 25/7/08 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: 270.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Incredible quality of construction
Cons: fire selector is very loose

ok my new toy is the ICS m4a1 r.i.s. so i thought id do a review.

on opening the box (the nicest box ive ever had an airsoft gun arrive in BTW) i was greeted by a beautiful looking gun atop a sort of red felt cutout packing (no plain polystyrene here). this straight away gives the whole package a quality feel. included with the gun are 2 x 450 round hicap mags
a plastic PEQ battery box the manual. a CD ROM showing how to dissassemble various ICS guns a small bottle of BB's, the sight adjustment tool a claning rod and the Red End cap for the barrel.

The gun itself is truly wonderful. I did not find any section of the gun to be loose or poorly fitted
(apart from the fire selector , but i'll get to that.)
nor did i find mold marks or gaps between the reciever/furniture. The stock has a little wobble but no more than any other M4 ive handled, considerably less than a crane stock with battery fitted. If you get one and feel that the stock is 'too wobbly' remember that the ICS stock tube is a few mm wider than the marui so fitting a marui stock will be tighter and therefore wobble less.

moving on.. the Reciever is a nice matt black and has several real (and several non real) trades. the fact its an ICS gun is obvious as it is written in the trades and is stamped into the trigger guard. this may put off some of the more hardcore geardo's i guess. comparing the finish to a CA M15a4 CQB (the only other gun i have to hand at the mo lol)
i can say that this is a mile ahead in quality.
the charging handle pulls back the dummy bolt to reveal the hop dial. the movement and overall feel of pulling the charging handle back are a dissapointment as there are no nice additional clicks ect. this is the only part of the gun i would say is not as good as a marui counterpart.

removing the rear body pin allows you to open the gun as per the real steel (and unlike CA armalites)
and gain access to the internals. the ICS split gearbox gives the gun a much more fitting and realistic look (as much as possible with an AEG is what i mean) when you have her open. having had experience with the G&G L85 Split gearbox i can say that this feature will make changing the power levels of the gun so much easier and faster.
inront of the upper gearbox is the hop unit and barrel. the hop unit is of an unusual design to me and i havnt had time to look over it yet, all i can say right now is that its plastic (externally at least).
The Fire selector is very loose (when i say loose i mean it really does slip about under your finger).
am looking up a fix on this and will post it up when i figure it out. Also worth mentioning is that the forward assist functions to relieve spring tension (again like the G&G L85) i would recommend firing a shot in semi before pushing it though as i heard somewhere that if the spring is fully engaged in auto it could strip a gear or the piston. I dont know how much truth is in that statement but i certainly dont want to risk it lol. After it is pushed when you fire a round in semi the first trigger pull semms to just wind the piston back a little and not fire a round.

the Carry handle is very nice although completely redundant as i have an EOTech. im sure most people will not be using thier carry handle anyway
although the quality is far better than CA's version.

Many people have found that thier RIS/Handguard and outer barrel are loose on arrival. i did not find thisa to be the case. the entire front end of my gun is rock solid. The Rails have the location numbers stamped but not coloured.

The PEQ box Is of ample quality. the addition of a 'Laser' sticker makes it passable. apart from the dials used to open the box the controls ontop are all molded onto the unit and cannot be moved.

The 2 mags are nice and are longer than other brands of hicap mags. i believe this is the actual length of a STANAG mag, the Airsoft ones are usually shorter because they dont sit into the gun as far as the real steel.

Firing the gun is very nice. ROF with 9.6v 2000 mah battery is slightly lower than the CA M15a4 CQB with equivelent battery.
FPS is 325 average. havnt had a chance to test groupings or anything yet . but when i do i'll post the results.

One thing i would like to mention is that certain areas of the gun (grip for example) are DEFINATLY NOT marui compatible.so findinf aftermarket parts that fit out of the box may be tricky.

overall this gun is very nice and does its source material proud.

http://i187.photobucket.com/albums/x44/lewtkw/SIGATTEMP.jpg feelin' fine

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