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Description: MAG manufactured MP5 midcap magazines. Capacity of 90 rounds.
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Registered: September 2006


Registered: September 2006
Posts: 24
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Positive aspects of the product (pros): 99 rounds, no rattle, durable plastic, light-weight, feeds exceptionally well, cheap
Cons: Wobble in some MP5s possibly, comes dry

With a 10.8v battery, BBs can go to waste in just seconds. High-caps don't do justice. The BBs inside rattle about as you attempt to imitate James Bond, and the constant winding burns your fingers. And don't even get started on low caps.

Midcaps - it's the new way to go!

Specifically speaking, these MAG brand MP5 midcaps are a great alternative to such hicaps and lowcaps.

While advertised to hold a maximum of 90 rounds each, these magazines actually hold up to 99 rounds. So, consider these 100rnd midcaps.

The shell of the magazine is made of a lightweight plastic. It still maintains its durability despite being light. You could possibly slip these magazines - in fact, any mp5 magazine - through the belt loops on your jeans...if you don't have the money to buy proper equipment :P

Now the one thing that disappointed me was the wobble. Most MP5 owners know about this. You stick a magazine into the well, and it wobbles back and forth. It seems like it might actually fall out! Same issue here, for these magazines. Now, the first time I ever put one of these magazines into my MP5, I was able to pull it out from the well without pushing the tab or pressing the button. Turns out you have to REALLY push these magazines in the first time around.

They come dry, too, so balance them upright and spray a lot of silicone down the mag. Let the lube seep out from the creases at the bottom, and invert it again. After that, they should perform exceptionally well! :D

No problem feeding, either. I use my stock CA MP5 with a 10.8v battery (not smart, I know) and there's no hiccups!

Buy a couple. You don't need a box of 8. Three or four is fine, and it only costs $24-$32!

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