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Description: A low powered electric Desert Eagle airsoft gun. Runs on AAA batterys and should not be confused with the superior Mini AEGs.
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Desolation mkII


Registered: September 2004
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Review Date: 30/8/05 Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid?: £35.00 | Rating: 4 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Cheap, semi auto for only £5 more than a springer. Great for plinking and back yard battles.
Cons: Weak, not terribly acurate, unskirmishable, quite poor blow back effect, does not function too well when batteries are low.

(note I the box calls it the “Dezart Eagle” I do not know if that is the proper spelling or if it is because TM could not get the copy rights for the name.

When answering the question would I recommend this gun, there are two answers.
Would i recommend this gun for skirmishing? No definitely not in woodland and probably not for urban, it is just too weak and has almost no use.
However, would I recommend this gun for around the house plinking and backyard 'wars'? The answer is yes.

If you are reading this review looking for a skirmishable pistol, then I wouldn't advise you even bother reading the rest of the review, you will be much better off with a GBB or a MAEG.

However if you are a looking for a cheapish plinker/backyard war gun, then read on, this may be what you are looking for.

When reviewing this gun I have the benefit of hindsight as I bought it over a year ago.

First Impressions

My first impression of the gun when I opened the box was, "my god, its huge" and being a Desert Eagle it certainly is. In comparison it was ever so slightly wider than the TM NBB gas model.
In the box as well as the DE were 200 or so BBs, a cleaning rod, and a crappy card target.

Closer Inspection

The DE is entirely plastic, and it shows. Written on the side of the gun is written


And on the other side


And written just above the grip


And there is a tiny ASGK logo next to that. Then a Tokyo Marui symbol in the middle of the grip.
There are plenty of safety catches, buttons and whatnot moulded onto the DE but none of them function. The DE can be primed like a springer, but this serves no function, as the gun is not actually primed. The slide actually plays no real part in the guns firing mechanism, and only appears to be there to look cool when it blows back. Also, the replica firing pin can be moved around and primed, a feature, which I have not seen on any other EBB.
The DE has a banana shape stick magazine, similar to the NBB magazine. The mag is thin so that four AAA batteries can also be inserted into the handle (these must be alkaline).


To fire the gun one must press down the EBB-unique safety with ones forefinger (it is on the grip so this feels natural) this sets the electric current going, so when you pull the trigger it sends the current to the firing and blowback mechanism, and the gun fires a BB. The mag capacity is 16 BBs.

Firing at the target (indoors) from about 4-5 meters I get a relatively good grouping with about a 3-inch diameter.
Going outside I fire at a chair from about 15 meters away. Here I discover the first reason it is unskirmishable, it is terribly inaccurate when there is even the slightest wind. Out of 16 shots fired at the chair 5 or 6 hit.
I have leant to put this down to three things 1: light weight .12g BBs (easily affected by wind) 2: strong hop up (I'm told this decreases the accuracy of guns) 3: inconsistent fps (varied from 13 to 105 when chronoed) so one shot might fall short of the target whilst the next may wildly overshoot.
This gun does have quite a range for its low power, it can shoot over 20 meters, however, when you shoot it at a long distance, the low FPS really shows. The BBs seem to lazily roll through the air giving any target at a long range easily time to move out of the way.
The DE's rate of fire is quite impressive at first with the gun been able to shoot pretty much as fast as one can pull the trigger, however once the battery begins to run down (after 300 or so shots) you can easily pull the trigger twice in the time it takes the gun to finish one firing cycle. Such a low rate of fire coupled with appalling inaccuracies would render a gun almost useless in a skirmish.

However if you are battling mates who have springers or similar EBBs these things are not a problem. Against springers the inaccuracy is made up for by the fact that you will be able to empty a mag (16BBs) in the time it takes them to fire 4-5 shots. Its low power also means that it can be used safely in backyard wars, meaning that the risk of an accident is severely reduced.

For plinking inside these are fantastic, as they are almost impossible to break things with, the only bit of damage I have ever done was chipping a tiny bit of pot off a pottery money box.

Oh, yes and the final reason that they are useless for skirmishing is that spare mags are almost impossible to find.

In summary

For plinking and garden wars, these are fantastic and you will easily out do springers.

For skirmishing there is minimal use for them, maybe as a last chance weapon (when your batteries dead and your out of gas type of thing) that is the only reason mine is taken to skirmishes. Or for very close quarters fighting where you would not want to use a more powerful weapon. Otherwise no. No use at all. Though the embarrassment of being taken out by an EBB would be worse than that of being taken out by a springer.

Anyway, as usual if you have any questions PM me.

- Desolation.

Summary of abbreviations (for new folk).

AEG – Automatic electric gun (usually an automatic rifle or sub machine gun)
EBB – Electric blow back (pistols, the type described here)
NBB – non-blow back (usually gas)
GBB – Gas blowback
MAEG – Mini Automatic Electric gun (pistol with AEG internals)
TM – Tokyo Marui (Respected airsoft manufacturers)
DE – Desert Eagle


I have a whole bunch of M4 Hicaps and AK low/real caps for sale. Look in sales thread or contact for more info.

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Review Date: 5/9/05 Would you recommend the product? No | Price you paid?: £18.00 | Rating: 3 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): cheap thrills
Cons: too weak - at least a springer kinda hurts

I got one of these things last time I was in HK. Got it home and shot a couple a hundred rounds through it. It hurts less than a springer and that’s with fresh energizer batteries, as above not really skirmishable. I hate the mags on em, absolute rubbish, too skinny. All in all these electric pistols are really for the kids.


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Review Date: 5/9/05 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 4 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Office toy
Cons: Not powerful but you get what you pay for. Safety trigger

The mechanism is somewhat lethargic to cycle and it eats batteries too fast for my liking, but as a fun office toy it's not too bad.

The pistol is really designed for under 10s, so needs ot be looked at in that aspect. The secondary safety trigger on the grip below the trigger guard is annoying and rather pointless really, although there is no real "off" button on the pistol.

Cheap thrills but really a kids toy or office distraciton.

"Fire all weapons and open a hailing frequency for my victory yodel."

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