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Description: Airsoft Innovations' Tornado Gas grenade is a propane-powered grenade with one major moving part that can actually and reliably spray 180 BBs into a full 3D coverage.
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Sine Wave

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Positive aspects of the product (pros): The BB spread and coverage is amazingly good indoors, Solid construction, Easily re-usable, No loose parts to fly off and lose.
Cons: Doesn't work as well in grass or other undergrowth. Depending on your personal views, you may consider the following to be cons as well: Is not a replica of any existing grenade, and there is no spoon.

The Tornado is a gas-powered reusable grenade that is made with the main objective of replicating the primary effect of a real antipersonnel grenade — that is, a handheld throwable device with an omnidirectional blast radius, which will reliably cause casualties within that radius.

That last part should be emphasized because that’s the part existing grenades seem to have trouble with.

In short, when it comes to effectiveness as a grenade the Tornado is orders of magnitude beyond any other BB-shooting airsoft grenade out there right now (July 2008). There’s just no comparison.


The Tornado has the traditional grenade-looking qualities of a cylindrical body and pull-pin, but it is not a replica of any real world grenade. If you’re looking for replica grenades to use for their looks, the Tornado will not be for you.

The construction has rounded edges and is very solid. A little smaller than a soda can, it can fit easily into just about any mag pouch.

The Tornado does not have a spoon. Depending on your point of view this is either one less piece to lose, or a lack of a critical bit that makes a grenade look and feel like a grenade.


The Tornado accomplishes an effective blast by simply spraying a large number of BBs (180, to be exact) in a spherical pattern for full 3D coverage of the area, regardless of the orientation of the grenade after it is thrown. The only part that comes off is the pin (which is re-used). No parts to lose and nothing to re-assemble!

The grenade is filled with Propane (i.e. "Green Gas") much like a gas blowback magazine. 180 BBs total are pushed into two openings near the top of the grenade -- these two channels are like two gun barrels, and spiral down inside the body of the grenade like a spring.

When the pin is pulled, the grenade's delay system is engaged and when the delay is up (user-selectable between 1.5 seconds or 3 seconds) the gas is released and the BBs are fired out in a split second. The firing action causes the grenade to spin and put those 180 BBs out into a full 3D spray pattern at velocities between 67-137 FPS (first BB to last BB). Hard enough to know you're hit (and you're definitely getting hit by more than one) but not hard enough to hurt anybody.

It doesn't appear to matter at all which orientation the grenade is in after being thrown. It could be standing straight up or on its side; the room's still getting filled with BBs.


The grenade requires regular lubrication with silicone oil for proper operation. Airsoft Innovations provide specially formatted silicone oil (somewhat thicker than their Gas Blowback gun oil) made specifically for the grenades.

The manual contains very good directions on how to properly lube the grenade. The grenade requires 2 drops every 2 firings. At that rate, a 1 ounce bottle of AI grenade lube covers approximately 500 grenade uses.


I have had the chance to use the grenades several times both in indoor areas as well as outdoors.

This spray of BBs works extremely well in any “hard” areas such as rooms. Anyone inside a room, unless they are behind cover, will be hit with BBs — guaranteed. That’s just all there is to it.

However, the grenade doesn’t work as well in foliage. If the ground is firm and clear the grenade should work well but grass and bushes impede both the spinning action of the grenade when it fires (and thus hampers the BB coverage) and will also get in the way of the BBs themselves.

One way around this is to use the “Air Burst” technique. This consists of setting the grenade to a 1.5 second fuse (instead of the usual 3 second fuse) to make it easier to have the grenade blow in mid-air, over or beside your enemies.

Personally, I found the “Air Burst” technique to be tricky. I’d recommend at least a few practice throws to get the hang of things before you try to use that technique in a game.

Ultimately, I would recommend limiting use of the grenades to their home turf: indoor or similar “hard” enclosed areas. While they can be used in other areas, indoors and enclosed areas is where they REALLY shine. (Though they can do passably well outdoors on solid ground, just not in grass and other undergrowth.)


* I’d recommend giving a grenade several test runs (with or without BBs) after you buy it before using them in a game. For one thing, you’ll get familiar with both the loading/refilling and lubrication processes as a result; and if you are experiencing any variations in the delay this process should settle it down - one of my grenades required this "break-in period" before the timer became nice and consistent.

* Cheap .12g BBs seem to work fine. But the grenade seems to work somewhat better with heavier ammo. Heavier ammo means more mass to move and therefore more recoil, which equals a better spread due to how the grenade works.

* This should be obvious, but know where you plan to throw the grenade BEFORE you pull the pin. When you are holding an armed and ticking grenade is no time to be changing your mind!

* Pull the pin out with your off-hand, leaving the grenade in your strong hand for a throw.

* Throw underhand when possible for overall best results. It’s easier to control the throw (and you’re less likely to bean someone in the head.)

* Be careful not to pop open the rubber plug on the top of the grenade! You are supposed to open this plug while resetting the valve, but if this plug is open when you pull the pin the grenade will explode in your hand! You might want to give it a quick glance before you pull the pin to make sure you didn’t forget to close it, and it didn’t open somehow while handling it. A grenade that blows up in your hand is worse than no grenade at all.

* If you are planning to use the Tornado Grenade outdoors where there is undergrowth or grass, I would suggest tying a ribbon of marker tape to your grenade. It won’t interfere with throwing, and it will make post-throw locating easier. Even in short grass, the matte black grenade body can be hard to spot — the marker tape will help you see the grenade for later retrieval.

* It’s worth looking at the chart at the beginning of the manual which explains how different temperatures and gases could affect the grenade’s delay. Short version: If you are going to be storing and using the grenades in hot (30+ degrees Celsius), sunny weather you may want to use Duster gas. For any other application, just use Propane.

* When you are using the grenade to help clear an area, have buddies covering the room's exits! When you throw in a grenade some of the enemies may try to escape the ares, or rush you! You want it so that enemies that stay IN the roo get hit by the grenade, and anyone who runs gets shot by those covering the exits.

(NOTE: Pictures are used with permission from the manufacturer. The words were written by the same person who wrote a review for unconventional-airsoft.com. Some sections are similar but the review itself is not a direct copy, and was written and formatted specifically for Arnie's review database.)

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