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Description: The TM SPAS 12 shotgun was Marui's first proper step into the shotgun market. The SPAS 12 (stands for Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun) is based off the pump action/semi auto combination shotgun made by L. Franchi of Italy back in the late 70's, Early 80's. The Marui version comes in two models. Standard Pistolgrip model and the slightly heavier folding stock model.
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old fart
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old fart

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Review Date: 14/8/05 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: £180.00 | Rating: 8 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Durable gun. Powerful. Cheap. Intimidating. Fun
Cons: Sling hooks fragile. BIG. Heavy with stock.

SPAS 12 Folding stock by Tokyo Marui. Great compact CQB shotgun.

There is quite a lot of metal in this shotgun which gives it a nice weight (around 2kg) The model being reviewed here is the folding stock model (weighing in at just under 3 Kgs) The real version of this weapon could be altered to fire in pump mode or semi auto mode unleashing 4 shells per second! The Marui version favours the Pump version. Marui made a clever little shell magazine for the shotgun series (which is compatable with it's sister model the Benelli M3 and the M203 launchers, also by Marui) BB's are loaded via a loading tube into the shell (30 rounds max) and are then loaded into the belly section of the shotgun. Securing the shell by locking the feed gate, the weapon is ready to load. To pump the SPAS 12 takes a bit of getting used to (due to the stiffness of the pump) This loads 3 BB's from the shell magazine into the triple barrel assembly. Pulling the trigger then blasts the 3 BB's at a remarkable speed and power towards their target. Pump and fire again. The Marui SPAS 12 has the advantage over "Shell hopping" shotguns in the way that you don't have to go looking for the shells later on in a game. The shell is equivalent of 10 rounds of 3 shot and once you're empty, pull down the shell release catch to drop the empty shell into your hand and reload with a fresh one. Obviously, a shotgun is mainly a CQB weapon but the SPAS 12 has the same range as an AEG!!! You will lose out against AEG's with it's obviously lower ROF (Rate of Fire), but in narrow corridors and buildings it's deadly! The folding stock can be deployed within seconds (but care must be taken, as if you're fingers are in the way, you can catch them when the stock's unfolded.) The Marui version also comes with the "Shepherds Crook" which would allow a user to fire the real version one handed (Arnie fans take note!) The stock when unfolded makes the weapon BIG, but also helps to acquire targets faster. When not in use, the stock can be folded on top of the SPAS to make it more compact. Spare shells can be bought at most retailers in packs of 3 and there are a few add on's that can be bought to attach to the weapon. A smokeys Vertical foregrip is available to attach to the pump to make pumping the weapon easier. Plus, shell slings are available which can allow you to carry multiple shells into battle. Another nifty little thing about the SPAS and Benelli shotguns, is the ability to store 2 extra shells in the magazine tube beneath the barrel, which is accessed by twisting the cap and pushing the shells in. The tube is spring loaded so when you open it up again, the shells pop out!
There is only one flaw i have found with this gun and that is the sling loop on the pistolgrip located on the side of the pistolgrip has a tendency to snap off, as the metal isn't very durable. But apart from that, it's a truly fun gun to own and if you're a fan of Jurassic Park or Terminator, then this is one Shotgun you can't afford to be without!

Ian "Rhino" Leonard

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Review Date: 30/8/05 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: £100.00 | Rating: 8 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Intimidating, high grin factor, essential movie weapon
Cons: Limited Ammo Capacity, Size makes slinging as a secondary weapon tricky

Ok, let me first of all explain something.

I'm a gun nut. More specifically, a movie gun nut. One of the major criteria of my collection is 'Which movies has it been in?" and the spas 12 has been in lots. See this link Smile


In fact, Hollywood has a love affair with the gun that isn't mirrored in real steel, most law enforcement agencies preferring the Remington or a Benelli which are simpler, more durable beasts. Police shotguns spend most of their life in a rack in the trunk or passenger compartment of a police car. They are pulled out now and then, some may not ever be fired in action. Except for the most unusual of situations, the magazine is rarely emptied, more rarely reloaded. Pump-actions tend to be used exclusively, Dual Mode shotguns haven't caught on yet. In Airsoft, of course, this isn't a problem.

Second point - I love shotguns. So much so, that when I sold my first foray into the airsoft shotgun market, (a C870 CQB), I mentioned the fact I was missing it in every MSN convo with r22 for about 2 months, until he and Hardcore got so sick of me whinging about my lack of a boomstick that Hardcore dialled back the 'voice of reason' and let me get another one.

Of course, there was only one real choice. I didn't want a shell ejector or the hassles/expense of a gas primary, so that left me the C870 (which I'd already owned) the Benelli (which is horrendously plasticky IMHO) and the Spas-12.

Having made my decision to purchase this fine weapon, I started to scour the for sale forums. I found a few months old Spas on ASCUK going for £100 with four shells and a 9 shell sling, which I considered fair price given its limited use by the previous owner and how hard it is to bugger up a springer Smile.

Initial Impressions
It showed up, and as soon as I took it out of the box I was impressed. Despite the mostly plastic construction it feels meaty in my hands. Compared to the TM benelli, it's heavier and longer. This can lead to issues if you wanted to carry it as a secondary weapon, but TBH if you wanted a semi auto back up you wouldn't have bought a shotgun.

The real grin-worthyness came when I loaded up a shell. Racking the slide still makes me smile, it's a positive 'clunck ka-chak' sound that induces fear in people when they hear it from round the corner.

It's accurate and powerful, and whilst the low ROF makes going up AEG's an interesting experince in woodland play, in CQB it comes into its own. It was my primary weapon for most of AG05 as my M4 had snuffed it, and couple it with agressive play and tactics and you can easily hold your own.

1) It's a springer. This means that it doesn't need batteries or gas and has far fewer moving parts - thusly it is a great weapon to have in your arsenal for those days when nothing else seems to work.
2) It looks cool. Seriously cool.
3) Shell loading without the inconvience of ejection - compromising realism and practicality.

1) Low ROF - this a not a gun for the fainthearted
2) Compared to other airsoft shotties, the cocking action is quite hard to pull. Your arm will ache after a day of play.
3) Low upgrade potential. There's a couple of external upgrades (as evidenced by Rhino) but internally the three barrel design makes it very tricky.

I love this gun. The few cons I have mentioned out of completeness, but TBH, the lack of internal upgrade potential is a minor niggle - the gun is designed for CQB, and you don't want to be blasting anyone with stupid power levels at that kind of range anyway. The cocking action get smoother with time, I'm told, although whether that is due to the user's strength increasing or the parts moving easier is unclear.

If you're looking for a spring boomstick, then the SPAS-12 is your best option.

"When you hear the racking of my 12 guage, you know I didn't come to waltz."


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Review Date: 17/10/05 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Intimidating, well known, 3 shots spread making hits easier, FUN!
Cons: Large and unwieldy, low ROF

Isn't she beautiful?
Size comparison with FAMAS (757mm long) and Beretta 92F

I knew that I had to have a SPAS 12 after spending a day playing with one when my FAMAS died one day and big dave kindly lent me his.

The first thing you'll notice about the SPAS 12 is the size of it. It's very long, and the pump grip is a good way forward of the pistol grip. With the stock unfolded it's over a metre long, so this configuration is not recommended for CQB. Personally, I find it easier to play with the stock folded as you can swing the gun when you pump it.

Second, the SPAS 12 is famous for the films it's been a part of, from The Terminator through to Jurassic Park and even The Matrix. It's a favourite of Hollywood and its size is a part of that: it's big, chunky and intimidating.

Playing with the SPAS is very different from playing with an AEG. You obviously don't have the kind of ROF that you get with electric or even gas guns; nor do you have the ammo capacity (although more on that later). You have to pick your shots and play as part of a team; taking on several AEG'ers alone with a shotgun is not recommended. What the shotgun is really useful for is a kind of sniping; I tend to use my FAMAS for assaulting and laying down fire, whereas I use the SPAS for aimed shots when I know fairly exactly where the enemy are.

In gaming, you'll notice that the SPAS is a very satisfying gun simply to operate. I personally think that the shell design is a work of genius on the part of TM; you get to use realistic-looking shells without having to pick them up after firing or having to reload every few shots. Slipping in a fresh shell and pumping the gun still brings a grin to my face every time.

If you're really dedicated, it should be possible to turn the SPAS into something a little different. If you follow the tutorial on making a shotgun hicap on this site, your ammo capacity worries are over. This, coupled with the ability to "slam-fire" the SPAS (hold down the trigger and keep pumping) means that it should become possible to lay down quite a field of fire. Another upgrade I'm considering to save my left arm is the Smokey's foregrip, which should make it somewhat easier to pump.

There are a few upgrades you can do to the internals too; the most common one is probably the tightbore barrel set, but power upgrades are also possible (I bought mine second hand and upgraded to 0.9 J).

Overall, I'd heartily recommend the SPAS to anyone because it's simply a LOT of fun to use. It also takes a bit more skill to play with than AEG's and hicaps. If you can find the folding stock version, grab it, because it's rather expensive to buy the stock separately new.

Nic @ Airsoftworldwide

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Review Date: 19/7/07 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: £130.00 | Rating: 7 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Pump-action, ingenuitive shell design
Cons: Be-all-end-all internals, zero upgrade potential

The concept is of multiple, single-shot barrels is something rarely explored in airsoft and as far as I can see the only other viable shotgun that has ventured into this was the extremely rare and discontinued HFC Maverick.

Whatever the case, its something I'm really hot for and after purchasing a SPAS12 and an M3 Shorty I could see they were as good as I envisioned them.

I'm not gunna get into the history and spec of the real-steel SPAS because I'd assume anyone with any sort of mild interest will find out for themselves so lets get on it!

What I see and what I feel

Like all Tokyo Marui products the SPAS12 is, unsurprisingly, a large portion plastic and a little bit metal. I don't expect anything more with TM but more metal (in fact full metal) is something I'd really love to see in a SPAS12.

All the SPAS12 is made with high density ABS plastic bar the highly sought after stock, barrel, "shell holder" and the hole 'n' post sights. This isn't CA metal, I.e. monkey metal. Something that I've always seen of TM is that when they do use metal its good, cold stuff.

This gun is extremely faithful to the real-steel spas. As far as I can tell its absolutely, tip-top spot on. A fab copy. I really cannot express how accurately they have nailed it.

How does it perform?

I've seen a lot of praise on how the TM shotguns perform and in some instance I think its a little exaggerated! Both my M3 and SPAS did around 260fps out of the box, 250 lowest 280 if you were lucky. Possibly a lot of the comments that people have said after recieving a shot from one of these shotguns probably has something to do with the fact that you have 3 bb's simultaneously hitting you at 250 - 270. It certainly does not, in any case do 300fps and if you have seen that stated anywhere on the net, personally I'd say they were lying or exaggerating.

EDIT: Eat my own words. Got mine chronoed and it consistently hit 300.

Spring upgrades for the TM shotguns exist. They are fairly difficult to find and I believe only a few online dealers actually sell them, WGC being one of them. Can you install a new spring? Short asnwer, yes. There are many SPAS and M3's out there doing 300 - 320. Why is it ill-advised? First of all, opening the reciever while keeping everything intact of any TM shotgun is sort of comparable to trying to remove a small-fly from the back of your eyeball... With chopsticks.

Once this daring and heroic feat has been accomplished you'll need to install the spring. As I haven't the foggiest how to do this I'll say nothing on it. All I'll say is that with no other adjustments to the other internals in the shotgun, legitimate or bodged, the mortality rate of your shotgun is a lot higher. Simply put you are increasing the strain on the other internals that they were initially designed for. You'd have to counter this by changing other parts. In other words its more hassle than its worth. If you've have it done, thats great. You have a real powerhouse, but for how long, hmmm.

How does it skirmish?

I'm not going to repeat anything thats probably already been said. All I'll say is how I have skirmished with it. I've skirmished soley with my SPAS at UA on a couple night games. Just worth mentioning, but not to my credit, just an example it can be used. In once instance I consequtively took out 4 OP-FOR with AEG's. There was nothing complex about it. In a nutshell, I got right the way behind them and shot'em all in the back. Not very honourable but whatever the case, very effective kills for such a dwarfed weapon!

Essentially you'll have to almost hunt for people. There have been moments when I've seen others and myself take out people quite blatantly but thr majority would be kills made quite discreetly.

-Choose your kills

-Get in there

-Swift, decisive shots


What will make you a better player is to realise that those with AEG's often possess a fair bit of complacency. If you are to skirmish with anything like a TM shotgun, something you value much more would be your potential kills and self preservation, at least I found these much more acute when skirmishing soley with a shotgun.

And what else?

It is possible to attach a torch or laser to a TM shotgun with a figure 8 ring. What I've recently found extremely effective (And I mean this!), a little laser on your shotgun.

Fire from the hip and don't bother with aiming!

A worthy purchase and extremely economical buy for those not afraid of a little challenge.

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