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Description: http://s119.photobucket.com/albums/o158/vietec/?action=view&current=DSC01034.jpg

So I picked up the claymore about a week ago, but due to the jet lag I had, I did not have time to review this item. Even as we speak, I am eating a coconut.


MMMMMmmmm...now that the coconut is gone I'm ready for the review!

Manufacturers-As far as I know, Nicker, Supercell (very similar to Nicker), Gamma, ESCORT (discontinued), and STAR (sound alarm).


Specifications-I wouldn't really know how to chrono this without damaging a chrono, the box said it can shoot about 20Meters, I would say that it reaches around this distance, depending on how you aim it.

Accessories needed to run- two 9Vs (included with the claymore) and 23A battery for the remote, they don't say this in the manual, but it is the same battery that car alarms use. I found out by opening the remote!

Cost and place of purchase- There's actually a story on this. I visited Hydralover in California for a week, so I decided to go to Evike to buy a few things. The otehr things I bought was for a friend, and I wanted something that I could bring back myself as a souvenier. Well, stupid me bought this claymore in person, because I always wanted one. Little did I know, the tax in the area was about 9.75%, basically 10%...I wind up buying this claymore in person, paying the tax, and being hassled on my way back. I could've just as easily bouhgt this online and recieved free shipping, but what makes a trip to the airport more interesting than declaring a toy claymore? Well I can tell you, the only funner part is waiting 1.5 hours and luckily being cleared. >_>

Intro/First Impressions- Well, I had a tough decision to make when deciding what to purchase. I was torn between the supercell/nicker claymore, and the Gamma Claymore. While the Gamma's front didn't have the hole (looks more realistic), and sports a realistic clacker as a detonator, the supercell was about $40 USD cheaper and I saw it in person...The gamma claymore's clacker also wasn't realistic in the sense that it was wireless, so figuring that the realism was the deciding point, I decided to cheap out and buy this Nicker brand. Besides, the nicker had one thing that the Gamma didn't, great advertisement, how could you refuse this? Please note that Hydralover/hydrababy/Asian Guy is not included with this product, he is limited edition and is high speed, low drag.


Looks- I have to admit, even with the unrealistic hole in the front of the claymore, it still looks really nice. Even the highly unrealistic remote still looks nice, and definitely fun to pull out on people. It brings a very confused look. The only other unrealistic thing about this claymore is the light on the upper portion of the claymore. It sits where the detonator cord goes on the real claymore. Here's a few pics of the claymore!


^Claymore packaging^




^OPENED. Shows the internals.^





Metal Parts- The hinge/spring system in the inside, the leg system, and the hinges.

Features- Pretty heavy, a good amount of weight though, not overly heavy, and it doesn't feel toy-like. The Legs are of course able to move to help set up the claymore, you can tie string to the trigger of the claymore to make a tripwire, and you can program up to 4 claymores per one remote, thanks to the four detonator buttons labled "A," "B," "C," and "D." There is also a safety key that you can leave in the claymore for transport (to keep the claymore from accidentally detonating. This product also comes with batteries, which is a nice change.

Magazine- There's no magazine, but loading the claymore is a task that you have to get used to. You have to first flip the on/off switch to "on." (I know, I know, re-read a few times and then you'll get it ) Next, you have to press one of the four buttons on the remote to activate it (whichever one you want to choose), and you should hear a clicking from the claymore. This means that your claymore recognizes the remote signal and that the button is set up now. Next, you need to fold in the two hinges, and close the front cover (use the cover as leverage). Then, you need to use your speedloader and load approximately 200 rounds through the hole in the front cover (This takes too long for me, so I load them in before I close the cover). After that, you need to push the lock mechanism down, and engage the trigger to keep the lock mechanism down. Lastly, you need to CAREFULLY insert the safety key, the claymore does go off pretty easily. Now your claymore is ready to be set up, if you want to set up a trip wire, tie one end to the trigger mechanism, and the other to something strong...CAREFULLY pull out the safety key. It is now live.

Firing- This obviously shoots about 200BBs per second, so pretty good ROF! Hehe, all at once of course.

Accuracy- This is not really an accuracy item, but the spread on it is great. So long as one of your 200 BBs hit someone, you win.

Any Upgrades you have installed- I have not installed any upgrades RELIABLY yet. I have been trying to install metal plates where the hinges scratch the cover; however the mighty putty and epoxy doesn't seem to be holding up to the force, but here's what it looks like with my metal plates:


Conclusion- In conclusion, was the pruchase worth it? Yes, it was worth every single penny. I plan on getting that metal plate thing worked out, I had a blast buying it, checking it in my luggage >_>, and playing around with it. The one thing that you have to note, is that it is a known problem that the legs will get loose and make standing the claymore up very difficult. My solution is to just hammer in the rivets a bit whenever this happens, it loosens up after quite a bit of playing, but it's not like you'll have to rehammer it every single use. They claim taht you can also put baby powder in the claymore for realistic smoking action, but I find this dangerous, as it may make its way into a player's eyes. Beyond that, this thing is purely fun, I plan on putting velcro on the back of this claymore and going Ji-had/kamikaze with it...if I know I'm screwed in a bad situation. After like 20 or 30 uses, it still is holding up fine, I've stuck it in dirt, set it up inside and out, and used it without an issue. I would say that in the end, it was definitely worth it.
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