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Description: Review of the KWA KZ75 NS2 gas blowback
Keywords: KWA KZ75 NS2 CZ75 Gas Blow Back GBB Full Metal KSC Pistol Review review
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Registered: May 2005
Posts: 369
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Positive aspects of the product (pros): Outstanding external finish & quality, Appealing & Unique, Solid internals, Reliable & Efficient NS2 Gas System, Crisp blowback, Consistent FPS, Accurate, Light trigger, Comfortable, 45 day warranty & good customer service included
Cons: Small slide, No metal outer barrel, Hammer can pinch the hand, No decocker, Not many accessories, Little more expensive compared to alternate brands


Table of Contents:
First Impressions
  • Disassembly and Assembly Guide
  • Grouping & FPS
Accessories and Modifications
Pros & Cons



KWA in the past couple months, without a doubt, has been "engineering to outperform" various other brands making the same Automatic Electric Guns and Gas BlowBack pistols and SMG's. Often in times like these, it's not difficult to observe that unique guns, if they are made, become overlooked by companies as most of the attention and innovation goes toward the models that everyone owns. For the KWA KZ75 NS2, the first part of that statement stands true as the M9's, USP's, and 1911's have flooded the market and nabbed most of peoples' attention. Despite all the spotlight going toward the most commonly sought for gas blowback pistols, KWA released the KZ75 NS2 amongst the all the newest M9's, USP's, and 1911's. Even with the focus on their upcoming release of the 1911 Mark Series, KWA did not stop anywhere short of making the KZ75, a great gas blowback with superb externals and robust internals.

Real Steel History of CZ75: http://world.guns.ru/handguns/hg51-e.htm

First Impressions:


The KWA KZ75 NS2 comes securely packed in a glossy, gray and black striped cardboard box along with an operatorís manual, a bottle of silicone oil, sample bag of .20g KWA/KSC BBís, and a metal hop up adjustment tool. Before fiddling with the gas blowback pistol, it is always advised to at least briefly go over the operatorís manual since it thoroughly goes over the basic operations and troubleshooting guide. With an abundance of diagrams, pictures, and instructions specific to the KZ75, KWA definitely took their time and effort to include an operatorís manual that is not only very helpful but easy to comprehend, as well. Like all KWA products, the KZ75 NS2 is backed with a 45 day warranty, which covers repair services, replacement parts, and the cost of return shipping.

Click here to view the KWA KZ75 Operator's Manual.



Putting the box aside, I finally pulled the KWA KZ75 NS2 out of the box and held it in my palm. It is without a doubt, one of the nicer KWA gas blowbacks I have held in my hands. The entire lower frame, slide, fixed sights, trigger, magazine release, slide stop, safety, hammer, magazine are all constructed out of high quality metal alloy with the expectation of the polymer outer barrel and pistol grips. The black smooth metal finish on the slide, lower frame and various metal parts is definitely impressive and the attention to detail to the polymer grips is spot on. Weighing in at two pounds, the KZ75 has a little more weight in the pistol grip area to make the pistol, balanced and easy to steady your aim with. Nevertheless, holding the KZ75 is not only hefty, solid, and well-balanced but it is also very comfortable to hold and aim with. After a brief initial impressions, it is not difficult to say that this attractive KWA KZ75 NS2 is well-built, and that this solid brick of metal will seriously satiate the craving for that ice cold feeling against your palm and fingers.




Going beyond the initial impressions and further examining the KZ75 up close, it is not difficult to say that not only is the metal finish on the lower frame and slide is captivating, but the attention to details that KWA went to the extent to replicate is rather impressive.

Starting with the slide itself, the first detail that is the most obvious is the serrations along the backside of the slide. Though the serrations may be small for larger hands to grip, KWA stuck to the realism to include the serrations not only on the end of the slide itself, but as well as slide stop, safety, hammer, magazine release, and front sights. Besides serrations, the cuts and curves on the sides of the slide, for example, in front of the lower frame and around the chamber, really display that extra effort that KWA put into making this replica. Another thing to note is that, the sights on the KZ75, just like on the real CZ75, are fixed onto the slide. This is not really much to fuss over because gas blowback pistols are not made to engage targets much farther than very close. Fixed sights on the KZ75 and CZ75 means that you will simply not have to worry about your sights loosening and ruining your accuracy.

The outer barrel, as you may notice, is extended to leave room for the orange tip to be painted on. In order to preserve the finish of the slide, KWA chose to have the orange tip on the end of the outer barrel. This means that that you will no longer have to illegally sand and repaint the slide to rid yourself of the hideous orange tip on the slide. Just know, the outer barrel is, of course, much cheaper to replace than the slide. This leads me to say, that the KZ75ís outer barrel is in fact made out of high impact polymer instead of metal. KWA discovered with their previous gas blowbacks that the metal outer barrel did cause excessive strain and ware to the internals. In order to ensure reliability and performance, KWA decided to switch over to a high impact polymer outer barrel because it not only self lubricates but it also ensure the longevity of the internals. Not to worry, the textured finish on the polymer barrel is pretty difficult to differentiate from metal unless you really feel that the barrel is not cold like the rest of the pistol. On the contrary, it would still be nice to see some aftermarket metal outer barrels for the KZ75.

Going on to the lower frame, the lower frame like I stated earlier, feels heavier in comparison to the weight of the slide. The cuts and curves do seem to subtlety add to the appeal and comfortable grip of the pistol; however, those minor details, in my book, are what make the KZ75 such a beautiful pistol to begin with. Those details may be easily overlooked, but if you at the various pictures of the trigger guard and the frame around the pistol grip, you should be able to see that these clean cuts left by the machining which like I said, really makes the difference in the overall finish of the KZ75. Besides noting about the different texture on the slide stop and safety and magazine release, the chrome trigger is a hair trigger as well. When the slide is pulled back, the trigger pulls alongside to offer the user a light trigger pull to put precise shots downrange. The chrome trigger, like stated in various forums threads, was not well favored by some, but do know that the real CZ75s also had chromed triggers, and that overtime, the triggerís gleaming smoothness will start to win you over. If not, calm down and just paint it black.

Just like the real CZ75, the textured pistol grips on KZ75 are made of polymer and are quite nice. I have yet to purchase real CZ75 grips so I cannot answer yet whether the real ones fit on this KZ75, but do know that there are several versions of the CZ75, so your best bet is to go with the original CZ75 grips if you do want to replace the current KZ75 pistols grips. Next to the pistol grip is, of course, the magazine release, I do want to note that the magazine release is resilient, which means you will not have to worry too much about your magazine falling out of the gas blowback.


The KZ75 is laser engraved with a few trademarks: 'KZ75 cal 6.00mm,' 'KWA,' an unique serial number, and 'Made In Taiwan.' Before anyone gasps in horror about the 'Made in Taiwan' trademark, the U.S. Law now requires imported replicas to now have the country of origin to actually be printed on the replica itself, and not placed simply with a made in wherever country sticker. That means your alternative brand will also have to print or engrave the made in whichever country trademark, as well. However, the advantage of these white laser engraved trademarks are the fact that they are easily wiped off with the liquid 'Aluminum Blue' which can be purchased at your nearby hardware store.


Lastly, the magazine is "milled from a solid alloy steel billet," which is very dense, heavy and cold; additionally, the base of the magazine is flat, which is definitely helpful when you want to steady your aim on like a stable surface. The KZ75 magazine is double stacked, meaning the rounds are loaded in a zigzag order, which has a maximum capacity of 23 rounds.




Here is the KWA KZ75 NS2 broken down to the slide and the lower frame. If you have not noticed already, the KZ75 has an unique structure because of the reversed slide and frame. It is without a question that this design is what makes this KZ75 stand apart from the rest of the pack. The question is, how does this design, structurally help the pistolís reliability and performance? For the real CZ75, it is said that the reversed slide actually contributes to a more stable design making it more accurate. For an airsoft replica, I would not simply assume the same even though you will find out later in the review how it fares performance wise. Structurally, I would assume that the reversed slide would make the KZ75 a much more reliable pistol since an ideal slide is made of a light metal alloy as the lower frame is made of a denser, stronger alloy, so that the slide can blow back faster and be stopped by the frame. Most slides, however, are made of some sort of light alloy, like aluminum alloy, have thin rails to guide the blowback. On the other hand, the KZ75 has the rails built in onto the main part of the slide itself, while the stronger frame encapsulates part of the slide. In my opinion, this would make the KZ75 more reliable due to the fact that the stronger frame is guiding the blowback more rather than the thin rails of the traditional pistol slide.

Moving further more into the internals, KWA did not use a long recoil spring guide like in their other pistols to keep it, once again, like the real CZ75. Not to be fooled, the recoil spring is nearly the length of the slide, which probably contributes to the crisp blowback.

Looking at the back of the slide, the cylinder looks the same as like on most other new KWA pistols because the KZ75 also runs on the NS2 gas system. The manual states that "the NS2 gas system is a KWA-patented design that uses an advanced, light-weight composite gas piston with a two-stage internal expansion chamber that delivers the gas more efficiently than that of its predecessors. The NS2 design also increases the weapon cycle rate and provides for a crisp, realistic blow-back action." After the many positive responses of the NS2 and PTP line, the NS2 gas system is, without question, efficient, crisp, fast, reliable, and proven.

Disassembly and Assembly Guide


To keep up the the good performance and ensure reliability, it is important to properly maintain the gas blowback pistol by properly maintaining the internals. In order to properly maintain the internals, the pistol needs to be disassembled and the various parts like the rubber seals and moving parts need to be cleaned and lubed sufficiently with silicone oil, not silicone spray.

This disassembly and assembly guide will be taken out of the included Operator's manual.

Note: I have also mixed in my own steps with the included manual to ease the disassembly and assembly

1. Remove the magazine by depressing the magazine release button on the left side of the Airsoft gun.
2. Check and clear the chamber of BBs."
3. Pull the slide back all the way so that the hammer is in the down position.
4. Then, "while holding the slide in position, remove the slide-stop by pushing on the release pin on the right side of the frame. Pull off the slide-stop from the left side of the frame.
5. Glide the slide forward, away from the frame."

After disassembling the two parts, "lightly lubricate the recoil spring, cylinder and moving parts with a few drops of [100% silicone oil]. Lubricating the seals and o-rings are essential. Unload BBs from the magazine. Make sure the magazine is free of gas before lubricating the magazine's charging valve and release valve."

Exhaustive guide on properly maintaining your KWA gas blowback: Click here for part 1 and here for part 2.

1. Put the slide onto the frame rails. Glide it toward the rear of the Airsoft gun until the small cut-out slot on the slide aligns with the cut-out slot on the frame.
2. While holding the slide in position, insert the slide-stop.
3. Pull the slide to the rear-most position and then release.
4. Install the magazine."

Notice that I underlined the "until the small cut-out slot on the slide aligns with the cut out slot on the frame." No other KZ75 has been reported to have this happen to the owner; but for me, when I racked my KZ75 slide all the way back during assembly before the slide stop was placed back into the frame, the inner barrel base (hop up unit) became locked behind the trigger bow, which jammed my slide. Just to include the quick fix just in case this happens to others, just follow these steps to free the jammed slide from the frame.

1. Remove pistol grips with a flat head.
2. Turn the pistol upside down so u can see through the pistol grip.
3. With a soft long object, press down on the inner barrel base, and try and wiggle it underneath the trigger bow.
4. While pushing down, do not slam, but apply pressure on the back of the slide, and hopefully ease the slide back forward.
5. Once the slide has return to the normal position, follow the steps of the assembly, properly, and you're done.




The operation of the KZ75 is as simple as any other gas blowback. Pull out the magazine, fill the magazine up with green gas, pull down the magazine follower, load the rounds in a zigzag order so that all the rounds are double stacked, release the magazine follower, load the magazine into the pistol, pull back on the slide, slide the safety down, aim and fire. For the safety, the red dot means that the safety is off and the gun is ready to fire, as covering the red dot with the thumb safety, means the safety is engaged.

The slide stop catches the slide after the last round has been fired from the magazine. After loading a fresh magazine back into the pistol, you can either release the slide by pressing down on the slide stop, or you can simply pull back on the slide so that it returns forward to chamber the first round in the magazine. In order to adjust the hop up, pull the slide back so the back teeth inside the outer barrel are visible. Adjust the hop up by lining up the included hop up adjustment tool, and turn the hop up on by turning counter-clockwise, or hop up off by turning clockwise.

One con to note is that if you do have large hands, not only may you find the small slide a little irritating to pull back on, but the hammer may also bite into the flesh, between the index finger and thumb.


When the slide is cocked, notice the trigger also pulls back into a hair trigger. The weight on this trigger is very light, which allows you to fire quickly and precisely. Also, the trigger can still be pulled when its back in its original forward position. When the trigger is pulled before the slide is racked, the hammer does a double action motion of moving back and slapping forward but actually does nothing. That is because there is no decocker to reset the hammer after a round is chambered into the slide. Since it does nothing, it can be seen as simply an extra safety feature that lets you be aware whether the gas blowback is possibly loaded or not.



Perhaps the most important part of the review is how the KZ75 performs. So, how does the KWA KZ75 NS2 perform? The easiest way to answer that is that the gas blowback performs similarly to any other NS2 that KWA has to offer. The blowback is loud and crisp. Likewise, I feel like with the KZ75, the crisp blowback is directed more into the palm and wrist rather than upward or to the side of the slide, which simply means that steadying the aim with the KZ75 after each shot being fired, is definitely easier to do. If that is what the reversed slide does, the steady feel of the blowback really compliments solid frame and the comfortable grip of the pistol itself.

Moving onto efficiency of the KZ75, the magazine stores enough gas to fire 40-45 shots with the NS2 system, which is nearly two magazines worth. This means that the magazine and NS2 system are not only efficient, but it also means that the slide is going to continually blowback crisply, even long after the last rounds in the magazine have been fired.

After performing a grouping test, in a controlled environment, the KWA KZ75 NS2 impressively put out tight groupings from 15 feet which is a good engagement distance in close quarter combat. Since the groupings were well within 2" with even .20 gram BB's it is without a question that the KZ75 can engage targets farther out with the hop up tuned with heavier .25g BB's. Mean while the KZ75 actually, with the XCortech chronograph, chronographed 350+ fps on the first two shots, and after the 3rd shot, eventually settled around a fairly consistent 340 fps, which is right under the CQB fps limit.

After having the chance to skirmish with the KZ75 last Saturday, the KZ75 is definitely my favorite gas blowback pistol when it comes to down to the feel and performance, the ability to acquire targets comfortably, quickly, and continually fire accurate and precise shots at my targets are really all I can ask for. In other words, my in-combat experience with this pistol seals up my opinion that this KWA KZ75 NS2 is a great performer.

Grouping & FPS:

FPS: 349.5, 342.4, 341.1, 336.1, 339.1

Range: 15 Feet
Temperature: ~73-75 Degrees Fahrenheit
Controlled environment: indoor, no hop up, clean inner barrel and hop up, steady surface to aim on, King Arms green gas, KSC BB's

1.5" groupings with KSC .20g
1.25" groupings with KSC .25g

Accessories and Modifications:

Kind of like the plain 1911, the CZ75 is like the grandfather in its family; there are not many accessories for this beauty, besides a nice holster and new grips. As for modifications, the KZ75 really does not need any upgrades with the NS2 gas system. The only other upgrade worth paying for would be a new tightbore which probably would need to be requested through the KWA USA Pro shop or customer service.

Pros & Cons:


  • Outstanding external finish & quality
  • Appealing & Unique
  • Solid internals
  • Reliable & Efficient NS2 Gas System
  • Crisp blowback
  • Consistent FPS
  • Accurate
  • Light trigger
  • Comfortable
  • 45 day warranty & good customer service included

  • Small slide
  • No metal outer barrel
  • Hammer can pinch the hand
  • No decocker
  • Not many accessories
  • Little more expensive compared to alternate brands


The KWA KZ75 NS2 can be purchased for $165 from any KWA authorized resellers like Airsoft GI, Evike, Airsoft Extreme, and Steelhawk.

For more authorized resellers check out KWA USA's Authorized Reseller web page



The KWA KZ75 NS2 itself, definitely has met the marks of being "engineered to outperform." KWA did not stop short of making this unique gas blowback with just decent externals, internals, and performance. The external finish definitely is well-done as the various parts like the slide and lower frame is constructed of quality materials and machined to much detail. The internals are reliable and robust. Furthermore, the performance is crisp and the NS2 system is efficient. With the exception of a few cons, the KWA KZ75 NS2, an unique and appealing pistol, is without question, a promising gas blowback that deserves to stand out amongst the crowd.

Special Thanks to Henry Y. for editing, and KWA USA for making this review possible.
This review or any part of it is not to be used or placed elsewhere without crediting and author's consent.


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