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TM AK 47 Review
by David Jones (aka Inferno) images/edited by Arnie
including images from 'Three Kings'

Stock Specifications
FPS 290 fps (stock fps may vary)
Length: 870 mm
Weight: 2,900 g

Ammo capacity:

70 Rounds
(Standard Mag)

600 Rounds
(Hi-Cap Mag)

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So why an AK47? "Every once in a while, you get the itching to buy a gun that will stand out from the crowd. Everyone has an MP5 of sorts, and the M4's have multiplied in the field like raging e.coli in your intestine after eating "authentic" Mexican food.

You want something different, yet evil. You want a lot of metal, a huge hi-cap (because you can't/won't aim), and you want durability. You want an AK. That's right, this is Inferno's TM AK47 review. Don't ask me why I have not written one earlier, maybe I'm afraid that everyone will get one after they find out how great she is. In any case, on with the review...

One large AK  image
AK receiverAK backsight

First looks: The first thing you'll notice when holding/fondling her is the weight. She's heavy, nearly three kilos with the battery (we're talking full-stock here). The grips look like wood, but like my last g/f's breasts, they're fake.

Still, who cares what they're made of if they look/feel good, right? And yes, I'm referring to both the grips and the girl.

In any case, metal content is very pleasing... everything that is supposed to be metal is metal, save the lower receiver. Although plastic, it's painted with a metallic finish that is very convincing until you start dropping the gun and scratching it off.

She looks damn good. But even as pretty girls can let you down in the performance spectrum, so can an AEG. So let's take her out to play...

Use in the field: Getting into the game with this gun is easy; one large battery and one hi-cap magazine (600 rounds!) is enough to last you the better part of the day.

Do I recommend anything else? Yes, a sling, you will get tired of carrying her or you will have to be in shape to run around with her all day.

(The AK47 is one of the few TM AEG's of this size that can be safely used on a sling without the fear of bending and breaking it in two - Arnie)

Hi-cap filler point
AK Fire-Select switch

When the 'proverbial' hits the fan and the shooting starts, expect to be staring at the fire selector for some time while trying to figure the Cyrillic (Russian) alphabet out.

I'll make it easy for you:

The top position is "SAFE",
middle is "FULL AUTOMATIC",
and the lowest setting is "SEMI-AUTOMATIC".

If that's too hard to remember, just figure that full auto is the first thing you'll hit once your disengage the safety - not bad.

Now how you go about that is your problem; this isn't as easy a process as it is on an MP5 or M16, but you wouldn't have bought an AK if you wanted life to be easy on you. Personally, I move the fire-select switch with my right index finger. Sometimes I'll pull my left hand towards me from the handguard and switch her down with that - either way, you're in business. The next step is sighting in, the sights are nice, not like the peep sights found on M16's or MP5's. I like standard open sights, it's just easier for me to use. Pull the trigger, and a nice stream of white plastic will leave the barrel.

The EG700 motor (the older ones use the EG560) has a decent ROF, and the 600-round hi-cap means that you probably won't use the sights much anyways.

If you have to hit the dirt or make a run for it, you might find that huge magazine getting in your way - deal with it. I hate people who whine about how it gets in the way or makes prone shooting difficult - you have 600 rounds, shut up and be happy.

In thick brush and vines, you may get snagged, it's really isn't all that bad, just keep her low and you'll make out fine. With the stock tucked under your arm, you can even use her for CQB. Of course, you may want to cut her shorter. That leads to the next subject: modifying.

Sight and 'Hop-Up' adjustment: Neat little titbits for those of you trying to fine-tune your new baby... you can open the receiver cover by pushing the button above the stock mount & lifting it off.

On the full stock models, there will be a pipe in there that helps keep it in place. (Handy tip) - I put BB's in mine, for those "just-in-case" situations... Hop-Up is adjusted via the cocking handle. Pull her back to reveal a tiny lever - get an elf to move it for you. Start with the lever full forward, and fire a few shots at a time in semi-auto while moving the lever back with your elf.

Rear cover securing buttonHop-up access
Yup.. the hopup adjustment lever, is tiny, and hidden behind that silver spring-loaded cover.
AK ForesightAK Backsight If you're too lazy to adjust your hop-up, then you can adjust your sights. The front sight requires a tool to raise or lower it, and the rear sight can be easily adjusted by pressing the button on one side and slide it forward or backwards. There is no windage adjustment on this gun, just use heavier ammo and track the shots. If that's still too much to ask, tell your target to stand still; it really works!

Modification, and customisation: I don't care how pretty your girlfriend is, the simple fact remains: you'll get bored with how she looks and wind up wanting to make something bigger or have less of something else, the same goes for the AK.

Not many people out there mod AK's, so chances are that everybody you see with one will have nothing more that black stocks or a scope. As I do AK mods, I'm not going to tell everyone my little tricks. If I did, then I wouldn't be so damned special, and I like being special. Still, it's easier that you may think.

Some custom bits of kit from Inferno

Real-steel scope mounts usually come in the form of a replacement receiver cover. Not all will fit as they usually wind up being too short for the AEG, and you'll end up tearing the rail off to mount directly to the stock receiver cover which is simple enough.

Side-mounts won't work because they're designed to be held in place by the receiver pins on the real AK. Try drilling holes for those pins on the Marui AK, and you'll end up drilling through the mechabox.

Real-steel handguards will fit with minor modification, and all screw-on suppressors/flash hiders with a 14mm left-hand thread will fit.

Some people like the look of thumbhole stocks, as the Tokyo Marui AK is modeled after the real-steel "milled receiver" AK, make sure you're getting the right parts.

The grip will have to be hollowed out, so make sure that you find one with a grip fat enough to hold the motor.

For internal upgrades, I find that you can run an M120 spring with oiless metal bushings off of the stock 8.4 volt 1300mAh battery with no problem at all - it is a reliable set up. Stay away from the Systema Bore-Up cylinder kit as it requires an M130 minimum to run, and needs an M140 to work effectively. If you want a higher ROF (Rate Of Fire), switch to a 9.6 volt battery and nothing higher on stock gears. Upgrade your 15 amp fuse to a 25 or 30 for less resistance and burn outs.

(From experience the 15Amp fuse will blow if you use the M120 or 140, for a guide to internal gearbox work on the TM AK47, read this page here , remember that to stay within UK FPS limits, you should fit either an M100 or an M90 spring - Arnie)


In conclusion, the Tokyo Marui AK is one of the best AEG's I've seen put out. No barrel wobble, no body flex. Buy one - you'll be happy!

Inferno , Inferno-Industries



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