KSC Glock 19 Upgrade Guide
by Shing Yan L. (aka Guts80)

The bare bones reliability upgrade for your KSC Glock 19? Here goes:

-Hk Metal slide + metal outer barrel
-real steel mag catch (will require some filing) OR a metal mag catch (G&G's alloy mag catch or Guarderís steel mag catch)

You don't need to get an upgraded recoil spring guide because the OEM part is already metal :D (However if you DO want to get a higher tension recoil spring...it usually comes with a metal recoil spring guide too).

To tell you the truth, the stock recoil spring is fine for the metal slide + metal outer barrel (speaking from experience here...I've installed the metal slide and outer barrel while keeping the OEM recoil spring + guide on about 5 KSC G19sí with no problems). However it will be tad bit sluggish compared to a plastic slide and outer barrel.

You want a little more out of your gun now?...add these parts on.

-PDI piston head (yeah..itís the PDI piston head for the 17/18C)
-Enhanced hammer spring

The piston head as I've mentioned before gives a better seal thus giving your more power/recoil. It also saves gas by creating a more efficient system (slightly). However it also takes up a bit more precious volume in the loading muzzle. But for what it's worth, itís a good trade.

The higher tension hammer spring is good to have if you play in hot weather + use green gas. This will give the hammer the proper amount of force to actuate the valve on the mag properly. It will also give you a significantly stronger blow back and a slight increase in FPS (installed a 150% Hidakaya hammer spring on my G19. 40 FPS increase I'm estimating). You MIGHT need to get a stiffer recoil spring to compensate for the stronger recoil, but that's really up to personal preference. Oh and btw, the hammer spring is a bitch to install (check out a guide here). You should also be aware that it takes more power (and in turn...gas) to cock the hammer again, thus gas efficency will also go down.

...So you want the full blown upgrade? Add these too

-Firefly enhanced touch-breech
-Firefly Rocket valve
-Hi-flow valve
-KM KSC Glock 17/18C tight bore

The enhanced touch breech is just a more solid and robust version of the OEM part. Personally speaking, I don't think itís really needed, but if you want the utmost durability then get it by all means.
The rocket valve, again, makes the system more efficient so one will notice an increase in power and recoil (slightly). However I've had heard reports that itís a total b!tch to install; canít deny or confirm this.

The hi-flow valve, hence its name, gives you an increase in gas flow, upping the power and recoil (itís installed on the mag, so if you want the same power from all of your mags, you'll need to buy one for each mag...can be quite expensive). One thing you will notice for sure is that gas mileage drops down due to an increased use of gas per shot. Some have said that the difference between the hi-flow valve and OEM valve are quite significant, while others have said that the difference is almost negligible. I've personally opted not to get one due to the gas mileage issue (gas is expensive enough for me ><).

The tight bore gives you tighter groupings, increased range, and a slightly higher muzzle velocity. However the inner barrel will protrude from the Glock 19 barrel a tad bit. To properly hide the inner barrel, you'll need to get the threaded Glock 19 barrel (I believe guarder makes them...but good luck trying to find one to purchase online). On a personal note, I would not really recommend tight bore barrel's for pistols considering A). How short the barrels are B). Pistols are meant for short distance engagement...not a sniper platform C). Higher tolerance results in more frequent jams (HAVE to use high quality bb's), and a little dirt or grime will result in a jam. Something you DO NOT want in a skirmish condition.

Now for the accessories.

-Scope rail mount (and of course the optics that you mount on top :P)
-laser or flashlight (Yah know..m3ís, G&P Lasers etc.)
-Hogue grip
-fiber optic sights
-real steel Glock sights (I have a real deal adjustable rear sight on my Glock 19...going to get a real deal front sight too very soon)
-real deal extended mag catch (can go under the more preliminary upgrade...if you do decide to get a real mag catch instead of metal one)
-real deal extended slide catch (some dremling and filing required)
-real deal butt plate (makes the gun look more "authentic")
-Glock plug (designed for the real Glocks, it plugs the hole at the back of the grip...if I recall correctly it'll require some modification for it to fit properly)
-the "RIS mount" as found on the G23F.

FYI, the KSC G34 comes with an adjustable rear sight, extended slide catch, and extended mag catch. If you don't want to fit real deal parts on your Glock 19, you can always try procuring these parts.

I think that basically covers it up for non-custom upgrades. :)

NOTE: For the KSC Glock 17/18C and 34. The loading ramp (part no.10) is plastic (as opposed to the metal OEM loading ramp in the G19 and above models). My advice is to get this part along with the metal slide + metal outer barrel.

The recoil spring guide is also plastic (...the G19 has a metal one...), so if you want increased durability you can A). Get ONLY the spring guide. OR B). Get an enhanced recoil spring that comes with a metal spring guide (more common than only getting a spring guide it seems)

by Shing Yan L. (aka Guts80)

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