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Marushin M1 Carbine Maxi SSB

Open Channel B!

Well what have we here? the Standard issue T.H.R.U.S.H. Rifle. Now that's not a yeast infection, but that nasty old terrorist organization that we at U.N.C.L.E. are always getting hot under our turtle neck sweaters about. Of course, they aren't a patch on our Special issue Walther P38 Rifles, but they can be a pain in the neck sometimes! Firing as they do the .30 cal pistol round, Which can seriously crease my suits.

Y'know, Sometimes, when I am not adjusting my hair or berating Kuryakin on his rather .. earnest nature, Or Karate Chopping people in the head, If the situation is tight. I have a go with this sturdy little service carbine. Just Don't tell Mr. Waverly....


Thanks UNCLE Napoleon.. I think?

Er.. Cheers Agent Solo, Yes Its that old favorite the M1 carbine!

Okay, As you may have gathered the M1 Carbine was heavily featured in the 1960's Spy Show, the Man From Uncle, Usually in the Hands of the evil THRUSH! Hadn't they heard natural Yogurt? Any way, the history of the M1 Carbine goes further back then the 60's. Starting as it did in the 1940's during the second world war, Where it was envisaged as a replacement for the 1911 Service pistol and the M1 gaurand, For none front line personnel, Where the Colt 1911 .45acp did not offer enough fire power, While the M1 was too clumsy and heavy.


World War II Service issue - roll around

The M1 Carbine was the result, With a removable box magazine holding 30 rounds of .30 cal. Although this IS a pistol round, It was felt that the sheer firepower of a semi automatic, as well as quick loading box magazines was a more then fair compromise! The fact that the M1 Carbine was light and extremely easy to handle made it a soldiers favorite. As such it saw major usage in the Closing stages of WW2, especially in the Pacific theatre. Later iterations include the M2 selective fire (fully automatic) model and the M3 Night Sniper Model, complete with infrared Scope, as seen in use by THRUSH!

Now the version that is reviewed here is not the real version, (although recently an .22 semi-auto version by ERMA has been released to great acclaim) But the MARUSHIN M1 Carbine Maxi SSB! :)

Its an Oldie but is it a Goodie?

So those a W.W.II vintage style Carbine have any place in the 21st century? Well, the answer to that has to be YES! Why?

Well, the M1 Carbine is an absolute joy to behold, It has a full wooden stock, and an amazingly well made receiver, as well as a heavy full metal magazine which clips in place with a satisfying clunk. In other words its a dead ringer for a real M1 Carbine and looks and feels superb. Its light and handy and is a real fast mover, moving onto target quickly and easily. The Iron sites are a simple back V and Forward blade sight, which some might find a bit thick, but this makes it quick and easy to acquire a target, Its easy to see how this Carbine acquired such a reputation.

Well that's the Airsoft collectors over the moon, How's about the rest of us, the skirmishers?

There may be trouble ahead!

Well, Here things *seem* to take a turn for the worse. Unlike the Majority of AEG's the M1 Carbine is Bolt Action! Even with its Gas filled Mag It is not even semi automatic : x Uh oh. The Magazine capacity is a rather tiny 15 + 1, Even less then many. No, Most! Springers!

Dear Lord, this is bad news when most people will be toting 1000rpm Rifles spraying liberal amounts of plastic in your direction!

But before you run for the hills, check out the name of the rifle.

Marushin, Yep the manufacturer, M1 Carbine, yeah yeah yeah, MAXI SSB... eh?

KA-POW!! Maxi Mayhem! Batman!

Maxi? what the hell those that have to do with anything? Its Bolt action I'm going to get shot to pants! Actually. maybe not. Because Out of the box, without any modifications, this puppy can hit 480 fps Muzzle velocity without even trying. GASP! Using just. HFC134a.... Double GASP! Ladies and Gentlemen. This is no ordinary Carbine!

In actual fact, With those types of performance characteristic The M1 Carbine, Acts more like its close relation the M3, Now, You don't get the IR. scope for Night Missions, But you can use it in the support/counter sniper Role. Now, This entails, supporting your chosen squad closely, engaging targets they cant hit. This is because, even though the Carbine has a great big MV, It doesn't have hop up, so has shorter range and has less range then you would expect, e.g. compared to an upgraded APS.

Sniper! Take him out!

In the role of counter sniper, the M1 Carbine is extremely fun to use, the Carbine can be cocked either by use of its cocking handle, or a by use of a metal pump handle on the right hand side which is cut into ridges so its easy to hold onto. As such cocking is an extremely easy and smooth, and a high rate of fire can be obtained in hairy situations without having to move your aim off the target. Great when you are pinned down by an enemy sniper.

Why is my BB in orbit?

When luzzing Rounds down range, care must be taken to use the right ammunition, Due to the lack of Hop Up, the correct Weight of BB MUST be used otherwise you are not going to hit anything.

0.2g BB's have a tendency to go spin straight UP into the air after about 40 foot, not good. However 0.39 gm BB's fly straight and true!

If you do have the misfortune to use light weight ammo in an M1 Carbine, Aim LOW! even for close targets! Otherwise you will be wondering why targets directly in front of you are whistling merrily, While your targets will be wondering why their hat is being sucked upwards.

The M1 Carbine comes with one Magazine, Which is chunky and contains a huge amount of gas, You can get at least 5 full loads of ammo, through the mag before you *might* have to gas up again. This magazine is nice and heavy due to its full metal construction. It is also very easy to load, with a nice big loading port. However, This is very necessary as extra Magazines are very hard to come by! As such you will be hunkering down to pour more ammo into the mag.

You will also need to count the number of rounds that you expend as the M1 Carbine does not have a have a bolt hod open device, When the mag is empty. As such you can continue cocking and firing nowt but cold air!

Well, The M1 Carbine is not exactly a perfect skirmish weapon. It may be a carbine, but it certainly doesn't act like one. However, It looks amazing and is fast and great to handle. All in all, its a blast to shoot. After a while you might even hit your target! Its also very enigmatic, looking very different to most normal Airsoft guns that you would nornally see on the field. So get yourself tooled up, And Start following the nearest airsofter with an M1A1 thompson, mumbling about enfillades and stupid Limies! Either that or get your best turtle neck sweater on and Karate Chop your way to airsoft heaven!

I WANT ONE!!!!! :)

Tech Specs!

M1 Carbine

Gas Powered Bolt action


15 +1

Muzzle Velocity

480 fps

Shots per fill


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