"Moscart" M79/M203 40mm BB launcher
by Mosquito Molds (Craft Apple Works)
Darren-Jon Ashmore (aka Nautilus)
edited by Arnie

Stock Specifications
Model "Moscart" M79/M203 40mm BB launcher by Mosquito Molds (Craft Apple Works)
FPS ???J
Length: ???mm
Weight: ???g

Ammo capacity:

24 BBs per shot

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Nauty's Patent Pocket Reviews
"Moscart" M79/M203 40mm BB launcher by Mosquito Molds (Craft Apple Works)
RRP 4,980 Yen
Construction: Machined Aluminum.

Finally, I got a chance to try one of these beasts out and all I can really say of them is that both my First and ANGs grenades are going to be in the bits box within the hour.

About the same size as ANGs, the grenade boasts the following features:

In use the first real snag pops up - though hardly a real problem to be honest - with the fact that the grenade needs to be very carefully handled in re-setting the spring lock in as it can easily break if opened too far (as the seal sits, using 8 small ball bearings, in a small ridge only a few mm from the main cavity, one slip and the seal, bearings spring and all can be all over the floor) - be cautious. However this is, as I say, merely a matter of being careful and not a real downside as such.

Loading While pushing up on the firing cap with a short rod, slowly unscrew the bullet to between 1/4 and 1/3 of a turn (no further) until you hear/feel the bearings lock into place in the top position.

Screw back down the bullet and test fill (if she leaks not all th bearings have locked into place so repeat the procedure) - it is very important that you do not over loosen the bullet as the bearings will pop out at the first chance and a re buggers to get back into place.

Fill the grenade (HFC134a only - HFC22 blew the seal straight out and we did not try Green ~_^ - at about a 45% angle) till full and load BBs (you will need to aacquire a small rod to tamp them home here).

Load the Grenade with the legend "UP" facing as it suggests for the HOP to work and blow em away (on firing the pressure on the bearings will be removed and the valve will be forced back to launch the BBs).

In use First thing to note is the grenade is that much larger than the old ANGs - CAW put this down to a gas reservoir which is about 140% larger than the ANGs with a bigger gas output. What is also notable (and a combination of hop and extra gas) is the range. While the BBs are meandering all over the shop by the end of the run, at 15 metres they are still closely enough grouped to make engagement very possible and (with a following wind ^_^) 20 meter engagements are not impossible (with .2 BBs). However, we discovered that if one intends to be engaging at less than 10 metres, .25 BBs perform best.

I have not tried it out with the First Hop Barrel setup, but I am in no hurry to do that either, The grenade gives me more than enough range as it is and the hop set up would only reduce the spread as I never field the M203 or the M79 outside of CQB or if I am expecting the main engagements to be over 10meters.

Conclusion In truth, with this CAW job, all other BB firing grenades have been made irrelevant (IMHO)(The ANGs is too crude and expensive and the First Job is too weak) and the general quality of the device, when added to the impressive price of 4,980 yen……..well!


4/5 (Loading is a little fiddly, but once you are used to it…..)

Value for money

5/5 (Cheap as chips and twice as tasty)

Upgrade potential

3/5 (Hop barrel set up only, but you don't really expect much from things like this anyway)

Build quality

5/5 (Well machined)

Overall Potential

5/5 (but I am a confirmed member of "M79 Club" - Nice! - so don't take my word for this.)

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